232. Completing the Labor

I heard

“I labored and did not find, do not believe.” We must understand the meaning “I found.” What is there to find? Finding concerns finding grace in the eyes of the Creator. “I did not labor and found, do not believe.”

We must ask; after all, he is not lying; this is not about a person concerning oneself as an individual. Rather, it is the same rule with the whole. And if one sees that he is favored by Him, why “not believe”? The thing is that sometimes, a person is being favored through prayer. This is because so is the power of the prayer—it can act like labor. (We also see in corporeality that there are some who provide by exertion, and some who provide through prayer. And by asking for provision, one is allowed to provide for himself.)

But in spirituality, although he is awarded being favored, he must still pay the full price later on—the measure of the labor that everyone gives. If not, he will lose the Kli. This is why he said, “I did not labor and found, do not believe,” since he will lose everything. Thus, one should subsequently pay one’s full labor.

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