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Holiday of Pesach


The holiday of Passover embodies the exodus of man from the sensation of our world to the sensation of the spiritual world. During our life, various unpleasant events are constantly coming upon us from somewhere. They come from the upper world, and descend upon us in our world. We are trying to react to them somehow but we do not know exactly how to go about doing this, because we do not understand their causes.

And most importantly, we do not see the consequences of our steps because they also go to the upper world. We are like the blind kittens, in the middle of a chain who have no idea where the beginning and end are. Because of this, we cannot learn from our own actions without seeing their results. And we usually act completely senselessly from the perspective of the perfection of eternal life…

In order to lead a man out of this condition, there is very clear scientific methodology, with an extensive mathematical and logical set of instruments. It is called Kabballah and with its help, a man can start feeling the upper world, where all events begin that later on descend upon us, and the results of our actions go back there as well. A comprehension of this upper world is the very salvation of man. The only thing we do not have is the ability to see the entire universe in its true form.

Such a condition of man where the true reality is hidden from him is what is called the Egypt Exile from the spiritual. In other words, the Egypt Exile is a condition of a man who only senses our world. We all are in exile but we need very clear sensation of it as such.

How to achieve the sensation of the entire world, how to see all the actions from the beginning to the end, how to understand everything that is happening, control it, connect all states before the birth in this world to the whole life in this world, life after death. This is the very thing Kabbalah teaches you, it teaches you how to close the entire cycle of a man's eternal existence, his own "I". Kabbalah opens one's eyes so man can see the upper world and act with full sanity.

The beginning of a man's sensation of the spiritual worlds is called the Exodus from Egypt captivity. The whole road of a man is the road of mastering the upper world, the road of receiving a spiritual vessel consisting of seven attributes (Sphyrot) and correcting it. Each of these attributes in its turn also consists of seven sub-steps.

A man receives all 49 of these attributes uncorrected. He should gradually correct them within himself, and while correcting the 49 attributes, he is mastering the spiritual world step by step, beginning to sense it more and more. The whole complete universe appears before man according to the degree of his correction of the 49 attributes.

A man starts sensing the spiritual world. By comparing his own attributes and those of the spiritual worlds. He comprehends himself, his small selfish desires, his disposition to squabbles, theft, minor mean actions, betrayal, search of injustice. In the contrast between his attributes and comprehension of the spiritual, a man starts hating his attributes. This very hate makes him ask the Creator to change these despicable attributes to spiritual virtues.

The people who experience clinical death where they only slightly encounter the feeling of the spiritual world become kinder, clearer, and more altruistic when they return to our world. A man's loathing of his personal attributes cuts him apart from them, so he can start using them to make good deeds.

When man starts sensing the Creator, he rises higher and higher, seeing the whole universe each time in a bigger volume, seeing all causes and consequences located in the upper worlds. Those who still reside only in our world can correct themselves spiritually if they want to. To exit from our world to the spiritual is sometimes achieved through three to five years of studying Kabbalah.

All actions of a man that he performs in the spiritual world for his internal correction are called Commandments (Mitzvot). Like for example the commandment of sacrifice. What it means is that a man sacrifices a part of his natural egoism, in order to correct it. And into this corrected altruistic desire he receives the higher light, the sensation of the Creator, which is what is called the Torah.


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