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In this Kabbalah FAQ page we answer questions from our Kabbalah visitors.  The questions are edited by us to remove the personal details except the first name.
It is also possible to learn kabbalah from questions and answers. 

Q-1: I am an adult male, age 30 and I am seeking spiritual change in my life. I am a father of 1 (soon to be 2) and a patient husband. I would like to know more about Hebrew Magic and basically what the Kabbalah is all about and what good it could do me. I have purchased several books related to "good" magical practices and would like to know if you can steer me in the right direction as far as some of these books go. Please reply as soon as possible Thanks. Steve

Q-2: I am interested in learning more about Kabbalah. Isn't it more important for a beginning student like myself to study the Torah for many years first before I begin learning the Kabbalah or can I start studying Kabbalah now? Robert

Q-3: Seven years ago I began my search for G-d, The Creator, Father. Along the way, my entire life was destroyed. I lost everything I held dear. One day I told Him "I WILL NOT give up until you answer me! You are ALL I have left. I will continue to annoy you until I die or You answer me." He began to answer me. I have no desire for much of this world, now, and I have found that I have fallen in love with the One who answered me. Much of what He teaches me, I just read in your writings. You will think I have gone crazy, but I have begun to see "lights" over people (not everyone - but enough). These lights have different colors and I seem to "know" who and what they are telling me. I, also, see animals that apparently belong to a parallel universe, much like the onionskin analogy you described. I have always had a certain "sixth sense," but lately its begun to scare me, it happens so often. Now, I have found this Kabbalah and I actually UNDERSTAND. I have EXPERIENCED some of these TRUTHS. Am I supposed to be here? If I am ACTUALLY talking to G-d (and not merely being delusional) how do I increase my ability? I want to know His ways like I know breathing! Please Answer. Wendy

Q-4: I believe the true author of the Zohar is Moses of Leon 15th century, France not Yochai of Palestine 2nd century. Joseph

Q-5: My name is Luca. I am Italian and I can understand English just a little bit. I found your Home Page from a search. I am writing you for this reason: You can help me, perhaps. I am looking for an Italian, or English, or -at least- French, version of the book "Sefer'Etz Haim" ("The Book of the Tree of Life") by Haim Vital, scholar of Luria. I am 34 years old male, I strongly believe in God. I also am very interested to learn from your on-line lessons. Thanks and Best Regards. Luca

Q-6: Are you affiliated with Rabbi Berg & The Kabbalah center? Thanks, Allan

Q-7: Do you have a list of Kabbalah books or Kabbalah study materials that you could send me? Thanks, Lisa

Q-8: Dear ... Is it your understanding that Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag thought that Kabbalah should be taught to everyone, Jew and non-Jews, alike? Do you think that everyone has a place in the correction process? Blessings, Doug

Q-9: Dear Friends with regard to Q.8, in the FAQ you said "After each part is going through the restoration process privately by himself, then all parts add again to the first general "will to receive" but restored." Does this imply that at some time in the distant future, there will be only one man, again? Blessings, Doug

Q-10: I have heard rumors that a Rabbi or some guy who is really into Kabbalah and Zohar put a spell on someone so he would die. My question is if such a thing is possible and is there such a thing as a straight forward spell that can be said and if there is where can you find them to examine and study. If you are able to answer me I would be most appreciative. Thanks.

Q-11: Dear Sir and Friend: I read somewhere that there is a portion of Torah that contains the seventy-two words or names for God. It is so written that when it is read the scripture bears a message, however when the Hebrew characters are viewed vertically they appear in columns of three characters and each column contains a word for God. I don't know if you ever noticed but God hides things in plain view, as is the case here. If possible, would you kindly forward a copy of this scripture portion in Hebrew to me? I have been a student of Kabbalah for over twenty-five years under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit and this request is very important to me. I wish to thank you for any kindness that you wish to extend to me. Very Truly, Loyd

Q-12: I am over 40, devout. I have been praying for spiritual development and growth. I would like to study and learn. Can you help me?

Q-13: Thanks for supplying the information on the web. I would be glad for any answer to the following questions. The Kabbalah seems to have ideas similar to all major mystic traditions, such as Buddhism. Is there an important difference? If there is, why should one choose this way and not another? If there is not, why isn't it acknowledged by Kabbalists (or maybe it is, I don't know much)?

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