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The Answer's In Your Heart


Friends from around the world put together this song to share the joyous feeling of connection beyond boundaries.


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The Answer's In Your Heart

Time: 3:07

A globally-produced song for a global connection


I Want Change

Time: 3:01

Where does real change come from?


The Environment - The Greatest - Music Video

The Greatest
Time: 00:03:51

A song created out of the unity among friends


The Environment - Break Free

Break Free
Time: 00:04:54

The Environment - The Greatest

The Greatest
Time: 00:04:50

The Environment - Attack

Time: 00:04:21

Kab Kafé - Bestowal Blues

Time: 00:04:31

Jazzy blues instrumental showcasing southern-style spiritual yearning


Kab Kafé - The Music Man

Time: 00:04:15

Foot tapping minstrel-style music turns lemons into lemonade.


Kab Kafé - All Things Come From God

Time: 00:03:42

A cappella lyrics interpret There Is None Else Besides Him.


Kab Kafé - The Intention

Time: 00:05:04

Kabbalistic intention poignantly interpreted by violin, guitar and piano.


Kab Kafé - Compassion On Creation

Time: 00:05:13

Majestic violin and piano rendering of music by Baal HaSulam.


Unity Sessions - Brand New World - Music Video

Time: 00:03:06

A folk song describing the love and harmony among humankind as if it were happening now


Unity Sessions - Everything Comes From Above - Documentary

Time: 00:09:45

The making of the aptly dubbed anthem of the Unity Sessions - “Everything Comes From Above”


Unity Sessions - Brand New World - Documentary

Time: 00:08:10

The recording of “Brand New World” from the Unity Sessions in New York


Unity Sessions - The Quitter - Documentary

Time: 00:09:44

The recording of “The Quitter” from the Unity Sessions in New York


Unity Sessions - Hearts Jerusalem - Music Video

Time: 00:03:45

Hearts Jerusalem is a song about discovering the Jerusalem inside of ourselves


Unity Sessions - The Quitter - Music Video

Time: 00:03:58

It can be positive to be a quitter. It all depends on what you want to quit.


Unity Sessions - Everything Comes From Above - Music Video

Time: 00:04:07

Seth Breitman's song "Everything Comes From Above" recorded as part of the Unity Sessions


Unity Sessions - A Little More Love - Music Video

Time: 00:03:29

A moving song that speaks about penetrating The Book of Zohar


Unity Sessions - Hearts Jerusalem - Documentary

Time: 00:09:04

Behind the scenes of the song "Hearts Jerusalem," the song that aims to find the Jerusalem that's in the heart


Unity Sessions - A Little More Love - Documentary

Time: 00:08:55

The recording of “A Little More Love” from the Unity Sessions in New York


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