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What Generates Movement


What is the motivating force behind all actions that take place? Anthony Kosinec discusses Kabbalah's answer, in the 2nd episode of "Kabbalah Revealed" entitled "Perception of Reality."


What Generates Movement?

What is it that moves things in reality? What makes things happen? Nobody does anything in this world - whether it' s an inner thing or whether it is a spiritual thing that is beyond this world. Everything that happens, happens only as a result of...well, let' s look at it.

You' re sitting there. Maybe you' re shifting in your chair; where your eyes are moving to, maybe you picked up something to drink. Any motion that you are now involved in is happening only as a result of one calculation, that you have become uncomfortable where you are, that a need has evolved in you, has appeared, and you have moved to a new position or a new situation that you believe will bring you more pleasure than the one that you were in before.

This lack and the filling of pleasure and force of desire is what motivates everything in reality; and this will eventually take a person from the corporal world, from our perceptions of the physical world, the limitations that we experience, and the suffering that goes along with it. It will bring a person, if properly used, past that barrier and into the Spiritual World in this way.


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