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The Tutor


When a student came with his father to question his teacher's very critical treatment of his son, they revealed that there was nothing negative in the teacher's relationship to the student, but something rather different. (Based on an allegory by Rabash, Kabbalist Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag.)


The Tutor

An allegory by the RABASH

Two students came to a tutor to learn a trade. The teacher did not pay attention to one of the students to see if he was working properly, and the other one, he criticized all day, telling him the mistakes that he was making.

That boy came and told his father. "Why is the teacher yelling at me, telling me, I don't know how to work, and to the other one who is a poorer worker than me, he says nothing?" It must be that the father of the other one pays him more money, and so he doesn't criticize him. Therefore, I ask of you father, please give him more money than the other students, then the teacher will not point out my flaws as he does not criticize the other students.

And his father went and said to the teacher, "Have you no mercy on my son? Is it because I do not pay the fees that other people do, hence you take vengeance on my son?"

Then the tutor told him, "You should know that of all the students, I enjoy only your son, because I see that he is gifted and he can be a star. And this is why I put my efforts in him, because it's worth my while, since my effort will not be in vain. Whereas the other students, I teach them generally, because they're not as gifted as your son. Therefore, with every little work that he does, I criticize him. And so you are wrong about everything you think of me, as if I want to fail your son because I'm angry with you because of the little fees that you pay me. You should know that if I did not want to shame him, I would teach your son for free. Believe me! I would teach him for free, since I enjoy him and all the efforts I put into him are worth it!"

- The End -

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