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They Helped Every One His Friend

Dr. Laitman's summary of Rabash's article "They Helped Every One His Friend" Essay 4, 1984


How can one help his friend? Is this where there are rich and poor, wise and fools, weak and strong? But when all are rich, smart, or strong, etc., how can one help another?

But we see that there is one thing that is common to all - the mood. It is said, "A concern in one's heart, let him speak of it with others." This is because with regard to feeling high-spirited, neither wealth nor erudition can be of assistance.

Rather, it is one person who can help another by seeing that one's friend is low. It is written, "One does not deliver oneself from imprisonment." Rather, it is one's friend who can lift his spirit. For one's friend raises him from his state into a state of liveliness. Then, one begins to reacquire strength and confidence of life and wealth, and he begins as though his goal is now near him.

It turns out that each and every one must be attentive and think how he can help his friend, raise his spirit, because regarding the mood, anyone can find a needy place in one's friend, which he can fill.


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