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Purpose of Society 2

Dr. Laitman's summary of Rabash's article "The Purpose of Society 2", Article 1, part 2, 1984


Since man is created with a Kli (vessel) called "self-love," where one does not see that an act will yield self-benefit, one has no motivation to make even a tiny movement. And without annulling self-love, it is impossible to achieve Dvekut (adhesion) with the Creator, meaning equivalence of form.

And since equivalence of form with the Creator is against our nature, we need a society that will form a great force so we can work together on annulling the will to receive, called "evil," as it hinders the achievement of the goal for which man was created.

For this reason, society must consist of individuals who unanimously agree that they must achieve adhesion with the Creator. Then, all the individuals become one great force that can fight against itself, since everyone is integrated in a great common desire to achieve the goal.

To be integrated in one another, each person should annul himself before the others. This is done by each seeing the friends' merits and not their faults. But one who thinks that he is a little higher than the friends can no longer unite with them.

Also, it is important to remain serious during the assembly so as not to lose the intention for which they have gathered. During the assembly one should be wary of following words and deeds that do not yield the goal of the gathering - to achieve Dvekut with the Creator.

Therefore, there should be careful watch in the society, disallowing frivolity among them and it is good that there will be equality among the friends so one can be annulled before the other.


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