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The Purpose of Your Life


A movie about the journey of Kabbalist Michael Laitman, PhD in the enchanting country of Mexico, following the launch of his Spanish book "Tu propósito en la vida") ("The Purpose of Your Life").



ARI Films (in affiliation with Kabbalah TV)

The Purpose of Your Life

Michael Laitman's visit to Mexico
January 15, 2007

This is a movie about the journey of a Kabbalist, Michael Laitman, PhD, in the enchanting country of Mexico, following the launch of his new book in Spanish The Propósito en la vi (The Purpose of Your Life). The film production team of ARI films accompanied him.

Narrator: Mexico--one of the world's truly ancient civilizations. Some of the most developed Indian cultures thrived here over the course of three thousand years. And today almost a hundred and ten million people live in Mexico. They live in different ways. Some are very poor and yet they live side by side with the wealthy, but the Mexican people are very warm and friendly.

In January 2007 a Kabbalist, Michael Laitman, PhD., received an invitation in Israel to come to Mexico by its largest Spanish language publisher Planeta. Planeta publishes the finest literature from all around the world, and its new book Your Life's Purpose is enjoying growing popularity. It all began with a short presentation.

Question: So, this book teaches us that the purpose of our life is here, on the face of the earth?

Rav Laitman: More precisely the wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to organize life in this world correctly.

Question: What is the most significant transformation that a person's studying Kabbalah goes through?

Rav Laitman: He begins to feel that everything in this world is interconnected. The way that a cell in a body is connected to the entire body and it functions on behalf of the whole body. That we are all connected together and that we must organize human society that way.

Narrator: This was only the beginning, the beginning of a fascinating marathon that seemed to continue without a break.

Rav Laitman: I was a scientist, who was occupied with bio-cybernetics; how the human body functions, how it works, how it is operated. And from there, I came to questions, "What does the body exist for? What does it need to do to feel good? How can it reach a harmony with nature?"

Nature operates us and yet there is a part, where it doesn't, because the correct behavior of man has got to be added to this, and this we have to learn.

To enter the wisdom of Kabbalah a person doesn't have to be either religious or Jewish. He simply has to ask, if he has this question within him, "What is the meaning of my life?"

Question: Is Kabbalah difficult to understand? Or are we only speaking about a change of perception?

Rav Laitman: A person doesn't understand it through the intellect. He feels it through his sensation, through his desire to settle down in life, to the extent that he wants a calmer life, to know what he is living for.

The fact that we do not know what will happen in the next moment. Our five senses don't give us this information. They also can't tell me whether I am proceeding correctly in my life or not, whether, if I start something, I'll be successful or not?

It means that there is an additional huge heart in the world, and its information is concealed from me and that's why I don't succeed.

Question: How important is the connection between man and nature and how does the wisdom of Kabbalah relate to that?

Rav Laitman: To the extent that we understand nature well and maintain its laws correctly, we feel good, and we can succeed by them. When we go against the laws of nature, we always receive blows. At the human level we don't know the laws of nature at all and therefore, we are constantly mistaken.

Question: How can we know who is and isn't a Kabbalist?

Rav Laitman: A Kabbalist is a person, who feels the power that is behind matter. He sees and knows why these powers move matter. He knows all that happens in our world with us and with the inanimate, vegetative and animate in general, the direction that the world is moving in and what that goal is.

Question: Humanity has existed for such a long time. Why has the sixth sense remained concealed?

Rav Laitman: Yes, and it will remain so until humanity despairs in its mode of development.

Question: Is the ego the main cause for this crisis?
Rav Laitman: Yes.

Question: Why is it important to share this knowledge with all people?

Rav Laitman: Because the way things are today, if we don't know how we're built, if we don't know the world that we exist in, we will bring ourselves to destruction.

Narrator: With all that's going on we hardly notice the time passing and we rush to the book presentation evening at the Israeli-Mexico Center, where more than two hundred and fifty people have gathered.

Rav Laitman: The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that human egoism will eventually evolve to its ultimate form, and at that time they will see that all of this development based on the ego doesn't bring them happiness. And they will need to know what to do.

Narrator: This is a land that we didn't know. A different mentality, but the feeling of connection was in the air and the words penetrated the hearts of the people.

Rav Laitman: Therefore, in our time people are beginning to seek this science so needed by them.

If we learn and we begin to feel this part of the world that is in the meantime concealed from us, we will be able to see through the matter of this world as if it were [was] transparent. We will see the powers that operate behind matter. And as a result of this, we will know the world that we live in. And we will begin to build ourselves in a beautiful way.

Narrator: They asked question after question, and they thanked us deeply from their hearts.

Host: Allow me to present you with this award for your book "Attaining the Worlds Beyond. The Purpose of Your Life," by Rav Laitman Michael Laitman.

Narrator: But the day isn't over yet. We still have a radio program to do tonight.

Question: Does that mean that free choice doesn't work the way it is meant to?

Rav Laitman: It doesn't work at all.

Question: If there is no spiritual path?

Rav Laitman: No! No one in our world has free choice. None of us are free.

Question: We are not free?

Rav Laitman: No! Did you choose where and when to be born and what family to be born into and with what traits?

Question: I didn't choose where to be born, but I did choose to get up in the morning, what to where and what to eat.

Rav Laitman: One second, that's not so. You didn't choose your parents, the education you received, the traits you were born with, and now that you're grownup, you're the result of everything you were given, which you didn't choose.

Today, you function according to what you received. So, where is the free choice here?

Even biological research tells us there is a gene for everything. There is a gene that makes you a thief, there's a gene that makes you drink, it makes you be a good or a bad person or good at this and that.

Question: If there is a gene for everything, so where are we? Where‘s our freedom?

Rav Laitman: If we could examine a person totally, we could discover that there is nothing free about him. Freedom is only on the condition that you ascend to a state of information, to the Upper world, where you connect with the powers that operate you.

Narrator: This book explains how we are operated from Above, from the informational realm. And how we can intern operate our command center to better operate on us.

Rav Laitman: Therefore, the knowledge of this informational realm and the guidance of our world will help us to better structure our life. Therefore, in these times, which as you said are not good times, the times of crisis and despair, drugs, terror, atomic threat. There is a big demand for the wisdom of Kabbalah in the world, because it helps us know how to construct humanity in a correct way to reach happiness.

Question: Does that mean that we are living in the time of the end?

Rav Laitman: We're only beginning to live. It's not the end; it's the beginning of the beginning.

If we only perform the inversion from taking to giving, then all the attributes of man will turn to the good, to correct acts. And by this, he will stream life into the whole of humanity and we will reach a very high level of existence. So, it's not the end, it's the beginning.

I wish all the best to the whole Mexican nation. It's been revealed to me now for the first time, as very warm and friendly. And I wish this state to flourish and succeed.

We're in a generation now that must take us to the peak of the spiritual pyramid, so that we see the Creator from Above.

The whole pyramid is the pyramid of our ego. And rising above it we will really reach the pyramid of the heavens, the peak of the Creator.

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