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Next In Human Evolution


The general force of nature is caring and the singular source of evil within it comes from humankind, which is the only life form that derives pleasure from suffering. But a new gene of human evolution has come into play making us aware we're causing great misery by upsetting the balance of nature. Humanity is on the verge of an unprecedented revolution in which it transcends its egoism by becoming similar to the rest of nature. Our choice is to either achieve balance or face destruction. Kabbalah explains humankind's evolution, why it unfolds the way it does, and shows us how to achieve homeostasis with nature. Human evolution is birthing a new motive force that changes our perception of who and what we are as it fosters creation of a new world order, faithful to nature's plan.


TV Program with Dr. Michael Laitman
"20 Ideas"

"Next in Human Evolution"

With participation of Trénell Ladd

June 29, 2009
New York

Trénell Ladd: They're scared of the Government, because the Government actually has...actually the Worldwide Government [the World Wisdom Council], should I say, that you're in. They have this discussion where they talk about globalizing one bank and everything, and a lot of people are terrified of it.

They're scared of it because even though in America, as you see in other countries, people will revolt and fight and they'll go to the Parliament of the Prime Minister, and start throwing rocks or whatever, protest, sit. But in America they won't do that. But they still have on one side the yearning to connect and be together, and at the same time they're terrified that if the Government...

They think that the Government is going to control that whole situation and that everything is just going to fall apart. How will we be able to reach people that have that type of fear within their hearts, that they feel, "well, if I go this way, I'm down in the dirt, and if I go this way, I'm buried"?

Dr. Michael Laitman: There are two things that act to promote a person. Suffering in the current state, so you feel you have to get out of whatever you have today; that suffering gradually increases and we're currently beginning to feel it very pressing. All kinds of places...it changes from place to place but in the end the bad is kind of approaching-on one hand. On the other hand, we have to know where to advance, what to do with ourselves. Here, there needs to be a method, a revelation of a certain purpose.

I'm hoping that by discovering the purpose of human evolution, just as we said before about ancient Babylon, that humanity must come to a point where everyone is equal, everyone is interconnected, everyone is as brothers; because we come from nature and nature is round, integral, global.

The general force of nature is the force of giving, the force of love. It's like a mother who always takes care of everything. We people, human beings, we are creating the whole imbalance in nature-only people. Not the minerals or plants or animals; they all exist naturally, however nature allows them, grants them powers.

We're the only ones who are evil, who want to harm others. We're the only ones who enjoy stealing. We feel pleasure from causing pain to others, from having other people suffer. People are the only bad thing, evil thing, in nature. So that awareness, that sensation that we're causing the problems in ecology, in politics, in education, in culture...

You're talking about the World Bank, the UN... It's certain that nothing is going to help unless we understand, and that's why we will understand, that we have to be connected. Troubles on the one hand, and evolving towards a global form (whether we like it or not) on the other hand. And the dissemination of Kabbalah, which we're trying to do, which explains why evolution is like that, to bring us into balance, harmony, and homeostasis with the rest of nature.

All of that should eventually affect the world. I personally am very hopeful that a World Government will rise and a World Society and a World Bank, and everything will be global, but in a very proper, balanced, good way. First of all we will learn from nature the kind of integration we have to create, and then realize that law gradually and slowly, and apply it to the rest of humanity.

Trénell Ladd: This is like a revolution that has never taken place. We've had revolutionary situations where big drastic changes...and you always had a certain character of people. You had the revolutionary who wanted rapid change now, now! And then you had the person who, "Well, we can change, but we have to move really slowly, I'll be fine..." Then you have the other person who says, "Let's go back to the way we used to be."

Dr. Michael Laitman: Yeah, that's true. Well, here it's different. As you said, here there has to be a revolution that's unprecedented, a revolution of transcending our nature, where we become like the rest of nature-giving, bestowing, loving, and considerate with the whole of nature, towards all of nature.

Our problem is that people suddenly began to feel that they're more than nature; "There's nature (still, vegetative, and animate), and I'm allowed to do whatever I want." That's the source of the whole problem. Now, as a result, we're taking blows. But we have to understand that we're an integral part, not above nature but within in, in the general nature. We have to create the general balance and we have the power to do that.

If we understand that we either face destruction or balance, and then we'll have a beautiful life, then I'm hoping that humanity will understand it. I'm acting towards it and I'm hopeful that it'll change this way. You're still young; you'll see it for sure.

Trénell Ladd: I definitely would hope so.

Dr. Michael Laitman: But before-I don't want to cause you any worries-we're going to see a lot of pressures before that. All of these problems have yet to intensify and intensify, including: bigotry, hatred, remoteness, and separation, and we're going to have to know...

Trénell Ladd: Do these situations, that of course have to take place because it's... I guess we've already said it in different ways, that you have to have two sides of something, besides just one side. For example, with struggle: If I don't feel any struggle, then I won't think of how good things could be. My question is, does it have to be drawn out? Does it have to be really dramatic, like the crazy movies Apocalypse and 2000 and whatever?

Dr. Michael Laitman: No, no. I am very hopeful that the transition will be extreme but not dramatic. Extreme, yes. It has to be an internal revolution, where a person has to rise to a different level of awareness. They have to rise above their current attitude towards life, where they see only how to use other people to their own benefit.

You have to rise above religion and faiths and habits of our lives. So I can accept any other form of life, as long as it's generally shared and participated. I think that this... You think, "How can this be?" Look at how many wars there are between religions and sects and factions and nationalities; and it can happen and very quickly so. If we only bring to people and show humanity the plan of nature, so they will see that this plan is happening now, de facto.

Trénell Ladd: This is what's different about those revolutionaries. They could speak well and they could identify the problem, but they didn't have the medicine, they didn't have the cure. They could see the cure, they could see the wound, they could put a Band-Aid over it, but there was nothing that could actually cure it. Is this what you're saying?

Dr. Michael Laitman: Yes.

Trénell Ladd: Dr. Laitman, that would take a drastic change in values. Like you said, it's okay for all these things that we see that are wrong, but we, "Oh, it's alright. My whole neighborhood is getting shot up; the police are killing people; there's war going on, like there are troops in Afghanistan now and Iraq. But it's okay, football's on tonight." So how will we bring this value change? I mean, this is drastic. We're talking about every form of media; we're talking about everything that we see.

Dr. Michael Laitman: No. We are at a special time and it's going to happen from within our souls, from within our nature. There, inside, we're already approaching such degrees...

Trénell Ladd: What do you mean when you say "souls"? Do you mean... When you say "soul," are you talking about what drives a man, his thoughts and his desires? Because when you say "soul," I know...

Dr. Michael Laitman: What motivates a person? What moves him? That's what I mean. Now we're coming to a point where we will receive a different motivating force, a different mode of power. It'll push us to an entirely different level, an entirely different dimension, a different dimension of life. We don't know that kind of life. It's coming, it's approaching.

It seems like a catastrophe that's kind of looming, that uncertainty that is now kind of engulfing the world. But it's not so. We're now approaching a change of perception of where we are and who we are, and that's what's going to change things. There will not be terrible tragedies or terrible dramas, nothing that comes out of human deeds. It'll come from nature as a new gene of human evolution.


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