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A story of how we were once interconnected, and how this was our true happiness. Then, when our egoistic desires grew, all this happiness was destroyed. We started hating each other. Then, when we became desperate, we realized that we needed to connect back together again to feel that true happiness we had once felt.



Narrator: Once we were all bound together, interconnected like cogwheels by one law—the law of mutual love. And we were called the single soul and for us this was our true happiness. But suddenly everything changed; suddenly egoistic desires arose in us and destroyed all this happiness. We fell into this world, which is dark, unfair, and built according to completely different laws—the laws of egoism. We wanted to dominate our neighbors, to use them in order to get pleasure; we desired honor and fame. We started pursuing knowledge, diplomas, academic degrees. We wished to acquire money—the more the better—because with it a person can get anything they want. But is that really so? That didn't make us happy. We started hating each other. And only when we became desperate, then we suddenly recalled that once we were happy—when we were all connected with each other, just like cogwheels. We finally remembered it and longed to come back to that state. And so we did. All were united together and once again understood what the real happy life is.


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Time: 01:49

A video about humanity


Danger Signs

Time: 01:10

Animated introduction to Bnei Baruch's Kabbalah courses



Time: 02:07

A story of our inter-connectedness, separation, and return to inter-connectedness


Love & Unity Animation

Time: 1:30

Love & unity can eliminate all problems


The Cogwheel Adventures

Time: 5:17

A tiny ray of light takes the cogwheels on an unforgettable adventure to unity


The Tutor

Time: 2:33

An allegory about a teacher's special relationship to a certain student

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