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A video about humanity, how humanity is divided by the self-interest of its individuals, and the need for humanity to unite in our era.




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In the whole of reality there is only one law; the law of love. Everything follows it except man. Man is surrounded by a shell called egoism. He lives in it and thinks of nothing but himself.

While in the past we could afford to live that way, today we can no longer do that. Our egoism has reached its highest level and is threatening the safety of humanity as a whole.

The purpose of human suffering and natural disasters - hurricanes, war, disease, financial breakdowns, is to compel us humans to emerge from our egoistic shell and live by the law of love, instead of hate. It is meant to force us to do that, because we will not want to do it by ourselves.

So, how can it be done without being forced? Very simply. We need to want to unite. And this does not mean we need to hold our hands or embrace. Nothing will change if a few egoists cooperate.

We need to unite our hearts. There's no other way, and for this we need to start transforming our egoism before additional blows reach us. And, how can we do that? This is precisely what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches.


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Time: 01:49

A video about humanity


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