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The Cogwheel Adventures


Another exciting adventure of the cogwheels who break free out of their egoistic boxes by finding the secret of working together to reach the world of freedom and joy



The Cogwheel Adventures

We used to go along from day today living our lives in whatever-which-way it came, and it seemed to us that everything was just fine, and that we were living quite well.

And then one day we all woke up with a strange sensation that somehow, something was not right.

We couldn't say exactly what it was. Everything felt... wrong and that's all there was to it.

Suddenly from somewhere, questions appeared in us, questions we'd never really had before. Why am I living? What am I living for? Where is all this going?

You see, what happened is that somehow a tiny ray of light penetrated right in to our world

Just a single tiny beam, and it began to revealed wonderful things within us... that it came from a world made of light, where there's only good. A place that's kind and secure because everyone there gladly lives according to only one rule - the rule of mutual love.

And we began to feel the great difference between the inner feeling of that beautiful world, and how it felt to be living in this one. That compared to that distant light it became clear that we live in total darkness.

Before the ray of light arrived, it seemed to us that everything was okay. But as soon as it appeared, boom! Bang! Everything turned upside down. Because it showed us that we don't live like the law of the light at all, but only according to the darkest darkness.

And rather than being completely free as we had imagined we all began to clearly see that each of us was trapped in their own little egoistic box. Not seeing anyone, not hearing anyone, not understanding or loving anyone.

All of this was done by just one tiny ray of light!

How could we continue to live another moment like this once we knew that we didn't have to feel this lonely sadness any more?

Then each and every one of us decided that they were going to break through the darkness into this light no matter how difficult it might be - what ever it might take they were going to follow that beam right into the world of love and good.

And just as we always did, everyone began working on their own. But nobody could get anywhere. We couldn't break through even as much as an inch!

It didn't take long before everyone lost hope, and felt there is absolutely no way they could ever escape their lost little chambers. No - there was no way to break through, and we each thought: just as I was born an egoist - that's the way I'll always be. That's how I'll live and that's how I'll die. There's no way out of here - ever.

And then, without warning, one of us cried out "I understand!!". I know why we're not getting anywhere!!

And he began to dig. No one knew why he was digging in such a different direction. We just couldn't understand..

what is this stupid digging towards us and why is he shouting? What is he shouting about? There must be something wrong with him.

He dug and he dug, he yelled and he shouted something none could hear or understand. Until he got close enough that someone realized he was calling out "Brothers, brothers, you are with me and I am with you, and only together can we all break through."

Then he also understood the whole thing, and began digging towards his friend until at last they met ... unified, and shone in mutual love. Just like the light.

Then another heard them, and another, another and another!

And we all began to connect we understood that only united we can break through into the light.

Only together, but never alone.

And we broke through this darkest darkness and entered the light. And that's how we started living in a bright new world of freedom and joy.

Now if you think this is only a fairy tale, I'm happy to let you know you're quite wrong. It's no fairy tale and far from being imaginary, it's the truest story there is!

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