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Law of Success


The law of success in a global world is that the individual considers the success of society equal to his own success.


The Modern Laws of Global Life
The Law of Success

In a social system, an individual's success is motivated and measured by the society.

The individual is constantly working to fulfill the goals of society.

Being unaware of this dynamic, the individual attributes the accomplishments to oneself.

This egoistic perception isolates individuals from each other, making them unaware of how they affect the whole system.

At the global level, this creates crises in all realms of life, threatening the very survival of the whole.

These crises help form a new perception - wherein the individual considers the success of society equal to his own.

This change in perception provides the correct motivation for all individuals, and the survival and prosperity of the whole.

This is the law of success.

Character: In reality, who has time to change?


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Law of Success

Law of Success
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