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Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World


The World Wisdom Council – scientists, spiritual leaders and academia come together to show that global change is a result of experiencing connectivity as an integral intelligence.


World Wisdom Council

Prof. Ervin Laszlo (Italy/USA/Hungary): We have to change the way we live.

Dr. Elisabeth Sahtouris (Greece/USA): It's humanity's turn now to do what many, many speciies before us have done.

Johnathan Granoff (USA): There is a universal principle contained in every faith tradition.

Prof. Ashok Gangadean (Jamaica/USA): There is a wealth of wisdom across the planet in all the people.

Dr. Jane Goodall (England): We all know the world is a mess. That's why we're here.

May East (Brazil/England): We have to learn to live sustainably if we are to survive as species.

Mrs. Lillian Holt (Australia): I am not an innocent bystander. I can't stand and point the finger at you and say "It's your fault."

Dr. Michael Laitman (Israel): We really should try and change the world, because the world is in a global crisis.

Mr. Haroo Saionji (Japan): Physically, economically, socially and ecologically, we have come to a stage of a tipping point.

Bafsat Agiola (Nigeria): A planet that is infinitely richer than it has ever been, but where it's people are infinitely more miserable.

Mr. Takashi Kiuchi (Japan/USA): Information, communication, technologies, have failed to make people happy.

Mr. James O'Dea (Ireland/USA): In our own body, this instrument of universal intelligence tells us "Move on."

Dr. Hazel Henderson (USA/England): When we expand our awareness, we see so many positive options.

Mrs. Andrey Kitagawa (Hawaii, USA): We have to find the ways to join hands and work together.

Mr. Lybert Angaangaq (Newfoundland, Canada): Unless we learn to melt the ice in the heart of man, man will have a hard time to change.

Prof. Tu Weiming (China/USA): Thinking is a transformative act.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo (Italy/USA/Hungary): Consciousness and spirituality is the manifestation of the immune system of humanity.

Prof. Ashok Gangadean (Jamaica/USA): We're not claiming to be wise, we're saying that at least we have enough intelligence to recognize how vital it is to listen to the power of global wisdom and realize our survival of the people on this planet depends on that now.

World Wisdom Council Speakers (various)

Mr. Haroo Saionji: The universe is said to be fifteen million years old and the history of the earth is said to be five billion; and the first life is said to be.3.8 billion years ago. And humankind with knowledge and consciousness came on this globe approximately ten to twenty thousand years ago.

Dr. Hazel Henderson: And we are a six billion member human family.

Mr. Haroo Saionji: What humankind has done on the globe shakes the history of Earth, which has a history of five billion, and it threatens not only the civilization of mankind but the existence and survival of the Earth itself.

Dr. Hazel Henderson: We are consuming forty percent of planet's photosynthesis and this cannot go on.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo: We have to change the way live. You know about this report last week about the originator of the Gaia theory, James Lovelock, who said that it's very likely for the next hundred thousand years, we're heating up the Earth so that only small groups of people in the Arctic zone will survive.

Name N/A: A few past centuries that western science ascended to that priesthood which tells us our story of who we are and how our universe works. And it gave us a very depressing story of a meaningless, lifeless, purposeless universe, running down to heat death.

Mr. James O'Dea: We talk now about means-those particles of meaning that cluster together that shape our value systems. We are filled with meaning; we are in a meaning-loaded world, when the winds of our time are blowing belief systems and thought forms and ideas that no longer serve the human race.

Mr. Lybert Angaangaq: We have now learned that it is very easy to melt the ice on the ground. All what we did is to live the way we do and everything is melting. but then we have learned the very hardest ice to melt is the one in the heart of man.

Dr. Michael Laitman: There was a method by which to manage life, by which to communicate with each other, to connect to each other correctly, like cog wheels in a machine, where anyone who changed anything changed everything else with it. And in this way we could understand that we are all interdependent. And when the ego broke out in us-in Babylon-people didn't know what to do; and they began to evolve egoistically and forgot the ancient wisdom of how to get along and be as a family. Today, we can see the results of this terrible evolution.

Mr. Takashi Kiuchi: People are not content in some area. Quite a number of people have miserable lives.

Prof. Ashok Gangadean: But world wisdom, global wisdom teaches, that we can grown into a more integral intelligence-a holistic intelligence where we can feel the connectivity. experience it in our hearts. When I experience my connection with you that I can't cut from you-that you are part of me, that I am part of nature-in this unified space. I have to use my mind in a more higher integral intelligence. Then we'll become mature human beings. So our theme in bringing global wisdom to the people.

Dr. Michael Laitman: We need to adopt the ancient wisdom that sustained us before there were religions and peoples, before we began this evil civilization of ours, so we can reunite as brothers in one big family. Because globalization, which is what are discovering today. In it, we just see that we're all dependant on each other-tied at the core to one another.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo: There is a revolution going on. It is not only inside of people's heads, it is not only people sitting at home and chanting, people are practicing it.

Jonathan Granoff: We can see that it doesn't really come from religion, it must come from something beyond that. And we'll call that a great mystery beyond language. And that's an internal secret that everyone has to learn in the quiet of their own conscious.

Lillian Hull: Such spirit reminds me that I am connected to all others and that helps me in my search and my own journey.
Mrs. Andrey Kitagawa?: There is no actor that acts in isolation in the world anymore. That in our intertwined, interdependence and interconnectivity, that the action of one person affects us all.

Dr. James O'Dea: When we looked down into the smallest manifestations of existence that we could find, when we looked all the way down into the quantum, into the sub-atomic realm, what did we find? We found a world that said "You are not separate from me."

Name N/A: It's a butterfly-it's a symbol for transformation. And transformation not mean bad things; it's transformation is something fantastic.

Name N/A: This is the trend: a million NGOs working cooperatively without having formal structure, a name or leadership, is the biggest movement on the planet.

Dr. Michael Laitman: So we don't need any education or any kind of punishments or warnings or police or punishments or anything, but when you see how you are connected to the world, that helps you conduct yourself correctly. And this is the solution, that this wisdeom that appeared five thousand years ago provides.

Dr. Hazel Henderson: The only certainty that there will be in our lives is change - more and more change.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo: I would suggest to you, if you want to do something useful, do something to bring about a connection.

Prof. Ashok Gangadean: And when we have that wisdom, and open up and mature, we fall into compassion and care, and that this is vital for our sustainability on the planet in the twenty-first century. To become one human family and live together harmoniously, flourish with sacred Earth.


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