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Toward Integral Consciousness


Highlights from Düsseldorf 2006 international scientists conference "Wisdom and Science in Dialogue: The new Planetary Consciousness."


ARI Films
The Club of Budapest
in conjunction with the Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings
The Ashlag Research Institute
Meeting In Dusseldorf
March 2006

Prof. Ervin Laszlo (President and Founder of the Club of Budapest and The World Wisdom Council - Italy/Hungary): Once a year we hope to have such a forum for in-depth discussion on a topic which we believe is of both a scientific and practical interest.

In March 2006, a group of scientists met in Düsseldorf to discuss the results of their research. Surprisingly, each had discovered principle foundations for a just and sustainable society, had been prepared millennia ago, and are described in ancient teachings.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo: What we are discovering is that the "new consciousness" is actually an old, timeless, perennial consciousness.

And as the exchanges continued, it became increasingly evident to all participants that the world's present condition had in-fact been foreseen.

Roger Ziegler (Psychiatrist, Head of the Department of Integral Medicine and Psychology Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings - Germany): We have a brain; so the question is, "what do we use this brain for?" If we would be men from Mars, or women from Mars, and would come down to earth and see the news, I don't know whether we would think that we have a thinking humanity.

Hendrik Tschudi (Physician; author; publisher of books and magazines; Founder and director of Flux Foundation - Norway): And to be honest, I see a world where we behave in a very bad manner. There's something seriously wrong.

Dr. Michael Laitman (Prof. of Ontology; PhD in Philosophy; Founder and President of the Ashlag Research Institute {ARI} and the Bnei Baruch - Kabbalah Education & Research Institute - Israel): And this is our time, and it is also written in The Book of Zohar that at that time, people will turn back and start looking into those ancient, indigenous teachings.

Raphael Schmid (Founder and Director of the Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings - Germany): What the old teachings, what they are really talking about-and a lot of those old traditions talk about a terrible thing that is going to take place; they call it the "Armageddon," which means a terrible fight, where it actually will be the deciding factor whether humanity manages to actually really focus on goals, on values.

Narrator: The discussions focused in-depth on essential questions-What is the true purpose of life? Why has that purpose been concealed from humanity? What is the reason for the emptiness people currently feel in the world today?

Dr. Michael Laitman: Our substance is the will to receive, but the problem is that when we want to fulfill our vacuum-the empty desire-the filling in-itself neutralizes the desire. So our whole lives we chase pleasures, but we can never be filled, and we will remain empty.

Prof. Ashok Gangadean (Harverford College - USA): Recognize that if you get stuck in the ego lens, that fragments and objectifies your world and breaks down information into packages, you're going to end up with a broken world, and a broken self.

Narrator: The scientists came to an almost unanimous agreement that in order to better understand what's happening today, we must identify and examine our very roots.

Christine Luczynski (Head of the department of Integral Education, Foundation World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings - Germany): ...And the path is within man to come into a dialogue with the next step of consciousness. This is a real dialogue within, not only what we will have in the next days outside.

Harris Stone (Master of Art Conscious Evolution; Holistic Thinking Foundation, and Former President of The Graduate Institute - USA): There is a very clever cartoon which shows Albert Einstein in front of a blackboard, and he's writing, writing, writing, and the caption says, "and at this place, right here [Mr. Stone points to picture], a miracle occurs. That's very much how we feel sometimes when we discover something, "vwala! Ahh, now I got it!" It comes to us without an ability to explain the phenomena that brought it to us.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo: A classical consciousness, your consciousness is, if you would ask people what happens, how they produce these, it's produced by the brain. It's something that is created. And now we have all the evidence that it is not limited to the brain, and is probably not even produced by the brain.

Dr. Pim Van Lommel (Cardiologist; Near Death Experience researcher - The Netherlands): Our enhanced consciousness resides not in our brain, and it's not limited to our brain because our consciousness is non-local. Without a body, we still can have conscious experiences.

Prof. Ashok Gangadean: It's as if the ego-calculus-separates the thinker from the object [drawing], and this line of separation is important because it cuts us off from unity; and if we're cut off from the integral space, we're finished.

Dr. Pim Van Lommel: And I believe and I hope that in the near-future, modern science will include research of subjective experiences, like those that occur in our consciousness; that we will accept field concepts, to understand how we are interconnected with each other, and with nature, in our endangered planet.

What emerged is the shared view that all of humanity is functionally one body, one organism, with each person dependent and interconnected with every other person; and that globalization has only made evident the fact that the world operates as one big village.

Prof. Alfonso Montouri (Professor and Program Director of the M.A. program at the California Institute of Integral Studies; author; Scientific Director of World Futures Magazine, USA): ...Could you do that? Could you just take your jacket off and like find out-or well in some cases you might, for reasons of modesty, not take everything off-but where does this stuff come from?-French Wool, Naples, Italy-you could tell people are with good taste-Ireland, Switzerland.

You know I wear a belt, it's leather. I'm assuming some pig gave its life for my belt, but where did that pig live? I have no idea.

So what I'm trying to get at here is, you know, I think this planetary consciousness thing is something that's happening all the time; it's here all the time. We're it.

Mr. Marco Bischof (Independent scholar, writer, consultant for frontier areas of science - Germany): There is now enough evidence that all organisms, and also human beings, are surrounded by various types of fields, and that these fields may also mediate some things that happen between people.

Prof. Christopher Bache (Professor of philosophy and religious studies (Youngston, Ohio, USA): All of humanity incarnating as a single, fundamental organism, in a way that expressed a singular intentionality-the intentionality of the one being that humanity is in its totality, with generations coming and going, much as the body snuffs off skin cells, and gives new skin cells on a minute to minute, hour to hour basis.

Narrator: There is a substantial body of scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates that we do function as a whole, and yet we still do not experience our existence in that way.

Prof. Alfonso Montouri: Unfortunately, my feeling is that we're not quite aware of the extent to which the world is already inside us.

Mr. Marco Bischof: In an unconscious way, has always existed. We are connected already, but the question is to be come conscious, to consciously live this interconnectedness.

Dr. Michael Laitman: So the ideal concept of living as one body will be the dominating force in how we relate to society. That's why we have to unite and increase the awareness in the entire world.

Prof. Ashok Gangadean: I must really speak in favor of the importance of consciousness awakening as the very core of our survival. The problem is to fix the consciousness.

Mr. Marco Bischof: Vernadsky's idea was more that through human activity, intelligent activity, there formed a new geological stratum, that the earth was transformed, the material earth was transformed by the intelligent activity of the humanity, and that this was the noosphere.

Narrator: Thus the theory of Vernadsky, dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century, assumes a new significance today. He proposed that we are surrounded by a unified space, an altruistic environment. Noosphere is universal love, and therefore, by disrupting it, we are destabilizing the entire world.

Question (from the audience): I'm wondering the whole evening, because I missing one thing terribly, what is pure reason, without love and care [What is pure reason without love and care?

Raphael Schmid: The love that we are talking about here, is the love of the Creator itself. That love is contained, it is included in the information field. The information field loves every particle on this planet just the same way. It is not emotional. It does not care about you or you; it just wants that whole evolution to unfold every particle to its highest unfoldment, and that is the highest, unemotional love because It loves every single particle just the same.

Narrator: With that considered, those present agreed that the most pressing task for humanity at this time is to experience universal love. This means, to unite the entire world in loving one another, by fulfilling one another.

Dr. Michael Laitman: But if we connect to another, and another, and another, as I drew before, then the pleasures go from one to another, and to another, and we feel life in that state, as eternal.

That is why today, when man has come to a global crisis, we have no choice but to a resolution. If we want to fulfill ourselves, even egoistically, we have to do it by fulfilling others.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo: For the first time, we are beginning to recognize that our connectedness has an objective basis. Now we have a way of legitimizing, explaining-and it's a new world-view.

It's a view of the world as intrinsically organic, whole, connected. We can all do our things-we can write books, we can make speeches and what not. So it's time to put things together. We are setting up instruments for this. We are setting up The World Wisdom Council; we are creating the "wisdom" channel that we were discussing last night, and we'll continue setting up a television channel for this sort of thing, radio show. We are setting up an internet-based university; we are creating instruments. But the instruments have to have content. To me, it was not just a meeting which now ends; it's a meeting which now begins. The work is now beginning.

Thank you all for participating, and let's stay together and work together.


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