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The Table of Free Voices


BERLIN (Sept 9, 2006): The Table of Free Voices question-answer symposium heralded a new, experimental approach to issues of global concern.


The Table of Free Voices

On September 2006, a unique event took place in Berlin, called The Table of Free Voices. It was an enterprise that arose from the need for new thinking on how to make positive change in the world. Questions, answers, technology and visual communications were integrated as the most powerful catalysts for that change.
Ralf Schmerberg: Questioning, we thought to ask when we started the project is: where everything starts. A human being who is not able to question, is not able to see the world around him, is not able to answer and to act. The Red Cross is looking for blood and they do much more; it’s just blood transfusion. We look for questions.

Will war end?

Prof. Caesar McDowell: Dropping Knowledge, what we’re hoping to do is launching the first effort, we think, in the world, to provide a model of how that can be done. How it is possible that citizens of the world can actually be in relationship with each other?

Is egoism the reason for human failure? (Question 13)

Destruction, terror, depression, crisis, misery, drugs, child abuse.

September 9, 2006, 112 visionaries, 100 questions, 672 hours of audio-visual material, Bebelplatz, Berlin 2006.

Ralf Schmerberg: I feel proud to be back here. I feel responsibility of the future.

Can we still be indigenous in the 21st Century? (Question 74)

Willem Dafoe: I just like the whole shape of the event. I like it as an art event; I like it as a social event; I like it as a political event. I’m happy you asked me to come and read these questions.

What is God’s religion? (Question 96)

What moves you? (Question 89)

Hafsat Abiola: There are going to be Indian people; there’ll be Pakistani people; there’ll be Bangladeshi people; there will be Japanese people; there’ll be Indonesian people; you know, people from all the African countries; people from the countries of the Americas; people from all the countries of Europe, people from the entire planet. And we’ll sit on that table, you know, all equal.

Angaangaq Lyberth: Have you ever heard about something called love and compassion and trust, recognition and acceptance of one anther?

Audrey Kitagawa: Perfect children of God, immortal, eternal, and already in God’s Light.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan: I think we need to really understand how interconnected we are and how we are creating the environment.

Bianca Jagger: Believe in you and believe that you are capable of making a difference in the world.

Question 36

How will the world be today?

What is freedom?

Let me repeat the question.

Can a person be perceptively numb?

Television is a very powerful communication tool….

Why is there no peace?

Question 68

Why don’t we?

Wim Wenders: I actually had that dream a few days ago and woke up from it weeping. And in that dream, in that future, people acted like one body.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo: That all things are connected, that ultimately all things are one. That is an age-old knowledge that’s coming now to the fore again by the greatest scholars in science and of course, it’s always there in spirituality.

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD: By rising from an egoistic level of relations to an altruistic level, we will understand that the whole world is one system and that we all belong to one body, and that this is how we must relate to one another. By doing that we will truly become civilized, educated, good and modern people, but as long as we act as egoists towards each other and as long as we keep thinking only of ourselves, we haven’t really yet emerged from our caves.

Oliviero Toscani: Mmm… Love is a need.

Living as one body.

Ask. Share. Act.

Ask yourself and do something. Take part and participate.


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