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Soul, Screen and Delight


A quote from Rav Michael Laitman׳s article ״The Alternative of Our Life,״ read by Anthony Kosinec.


Soul, Screen and Delight

We receive spiritual desires directly from Above. To feel them, we need a special sense called "a screen."

As soon as man acquires this sense, he begins to feel pleasure through it. The pleasure is called "Supreme Light." It enters our desire to enjoy it through the screen.

The desire to enjoy Supreme Light is called “soul.” The Light, as a source of pleasure, is not felt unless man acquires an additional sense capable of picking It up.

All components: the Light, which is pleasure, the screen-the means of reception, and the soul-the receiver, are in no way connected to the physical body. Hence, it doesn’t matter if a man has a body or not.

As soon as man establishes contact with the Supreme Light, he begins to correct himself so as to be filled with It. The gradual likening of one’s properties to the Light and the consecutive filling with it is called "spiritual ascent."

The body is only a means for the spiritual advancement in this exciting process. Otherwise it's of no interest. A small pleasure cannot be felt at all in comparison with a great delight: the larger delight suppresses it. Therefore, although a Kabbalist lives in the same world as we do, he is actually already in the Spiritual World.


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