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Thought of the Creator


An explanation of the environment we live in


The Thought of the Creator

Remember, the environment that the human lives in is not the environment of physical acts, which is already perfectly in balance with the laws of nature. The environment of the human is the Thought of the Creator. And this is what a person can connect with. We can connect with the cause. And the bonding with it is simply to enter into the same thought and the same intention. Once this begins to happen, we are no longer separated in an external world, in a physical world, but we are connected with that point that emanates everything into this world.

And this is done through a relationship with the Creator. It’s like a relationship with a lover, with a beloved, in the sense that when you love somebody, you want them to know who you are. You write them little notes; you show them what you enjoy, you express your thought to them so that the bonding with your beloved will be on the level not simply of the physical, but beyond that, in the intangible place that we feel as love. So these constant events that evolve in our lives are like notes of love, a beckoning on the part of the Creator to come to Him, and our desire to respond to that call is likewise from a place and a feeling to want to know our beloved in that way.

And this is the secret of the Torah; it is that all the creations of the Creator that appertain to, or can be comprehended by, the creatures...

That means, everything that was created, every single expression that exists in creation is only the expression of the Creator and is aimed specifically at this call to the creature. It’s all accessible to the creature. Every single bit of it is supposed to be known by the creature. In other words, the worlds were created for man.

And with this we understand why the Creator showed us the Tool of His Craft; are we in need to create worlds? Rather from what we said above it is clear, that the Creator showed us His Orders so that we would know how to bond with Him, which is the fulfillment of “to bond with His Attributes.”

Why does an artist show us his work? It is so his perception, his inner feeling and his attitude will be accessible to us. And though right now we don’t understand how worlds are created, through the connection with the Thought of the Creator, we can rise to know all of His laws, all of the ways in which everything that we see before us comes about, that is, why it’s there, for what purpose it’s there.

And this reciprocal sensation of thought and intention is the way in which the law of equivalence of form is expressed on the human level. It’s the balance between the inner desire to know, to be filled with pleasure, and the actual pleasure that exists, the only pleasure that exists, which is the knowledge of the Thought of the Creator, and this system is built perfectly to create the desire that will allow a person to come into this balance.


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