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The Human's Environment


The human level of nature incorporates feelings, thoughts and intentions, and Kabbalah explains the laws of this level of nature.


The Human’s Environment

Let’s look at the environment that we actually do live in.

The world that surrounds the human level is based on exactly the same principle of nature, but it’s a completely different order of nature because the human level is a level of feeling, thoughts and intentions, and there are laws and forces that work on us that are of that nature.

So here is the environment that we find ourselves in. There is a field of influence, and this field of influence is called “the Creator.” The Creator influences us by means of forces, and these forces are expressed as laws. That is, they’re obligatory. They come to us from the Creator, and each one of these is one of 613 forces or laws. These laws are laws of love, they are laws of bestowal; they are intentions towards the creature.

Here, in that field, is the creature, plus the other levels of life below the creature—levels 1, 2 and 3 that we spoke of earlier. Within the creature, there exist like pressure or forces that must equalize with the influence coming from the Creator, and these are called “desires.”

There are 613 desires within the creature, the human level of the creature. And the law of equivalence of form means that the inner desire or pressure must equalize, that is, come to equivalence, form a balance with this desire that is related to this force from the Creator. And to the degree that we are unlike the forces, the 613 actual laws of nature for the human level, to the degree that we are not like it, we and all the levels of life below us suffer, things go for the worse.

To the degree that we equalize, that we succeed in finding equivalence of form and becoming the same thing as the intent behind that law, all of life, including the creature itself, finds a homeostasis. Man, the human level, finds a homeostasis within this field and achieves equivalence with it, becomes like all of the 613 laws.

Now, all of these laws that effect both the levels of life below us and the ones in relation to the man, if the creature can equalize with that, with the law of nature, he is also equalizing with the Creator Himself, because the Kabbalists tell us that the value and Gematria between the word for Nature—Teva in Hebrew, and the world for God—Elokim, is 86, meaning they are the same thing.


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