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Where is Our Freedom?


We are our ego - the desire to enjoy. Not knowing how to aim our ego correctly is the cause of all our problems. Discovering how to aim our ego correctly means discovering where we have freedom.


Where is Our Freedom? 

If all we are, are just robots fulfilling either our egoistic programming or our spiritual development, where is freedom in this system? The “I” of the person, the point of freedom, does exist, but not in everything.

We are completely subject to the forces that develop us internally and externally. But just as there is a means in Kabbalah to use our inner, created nature, which is the will to receive, and transform that into the will to bestow, there also is a point of freedom that exists within the environment around us. There is a way of learning how the system of influence works and harnessing it, to catapult us out of it into a higher level of life, into a bonding with the Creator. And that element is the root of our soul.

The root of our soul is the desire to climb outward towards freedom, and it’s not influenced by any of the things of our egoistic nature, including all of the environment—internal and external. If we cling to this parameter, this one parameter, if we cherish it and develop it, and develop only by it, then we can ascend above that level of influence. And the Kabbalists give us a means of doing that.


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