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Big Think Interview with Michael Laitman

Big Think interviews Michael Laitman on Kabbalah and its relationship to the economic crisis, money, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the ego, meditation and celebrities


Big Think Interview with Michael Laitman [20:11]
Big Think's full interview with Kabbalah expert Michael Laitman.



The following videos are clips taken from the above full-length interview:

Michael Laitman Uses Kabbalah To Resolve Conflicts [3:05]
The Kabbalah expert says Kabbalah's foundational text, Zohar, predicts a resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict soon.

Michael Laitman Considers Kabbalistic Celebrities [1:30]
Kabbalah expert Michael Laitman describes the human desire for clarity.

Your Spiritual Guide to the Global Economic Crisis [7:30]
Kabbalah expert Dr. Laitman explores the role of religion in navigating a turbulent economy.

Michael Laitman Explains Internal Observation [1:51]
The Kabbalah expert describes the internal reflection inherent to Kabbalah.

Michael Laitman Introduces Kabbalah [7:06]
The Kabbalah expert explains the origins of Kabbalah and its basic beliefs.



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