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Creating a New Civilization

The 3rd World Wisdom Council meeting

On November 12, 2005, Michael Laitman Kabbalist, Founder and President of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education and Research Institute (Kabbalah International), and a member of the World Wisdom Council, a think tank organization headed by Prof. Ervin Laszlo in conjunction of the Club of Budapest participated in the Forum 2005 "Creating a New Civilization", held by the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan, Tokyo.

Sustainability. Systems. Science. Spirituality. These are the components of the "4-S Concept" put forth by the Goi Peace Foundation president Hiroo Saionji at the Forum 2005 "Creating a New Civilization. The Foundation invited leading thinkers from relevant fields to engage in deep dialogue on "Creating a New Civilization," including former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and members of the World Wisdom Council. Within an audience of more than 4,000 were ambassadors and other distinguished representatives from embassies of 46 different countries.

The keynote speaker was President Gorbachev, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 and heads the Gorbachev Foundation and the Green Cross International. Mr. Gorbachev noted, "History increases in velocity and there is danger of falling behind in consciousness." "Today," he said, "we need new thinking for a new century," including new vision for politics, business, and civil society. "The future needs to be for all of us or we won't have it at all," concluded Mr. Gorbachev.

The 4-S discussion was organized in two panels: "Sustainability & Systems: Moving Beyond Crisis," was moderated by Peter D. Pedersen, a Danish business consultant who founded the environmental strategy organization E-Square Inc. Pedersen asked, "Do we possess the wisdom to choose the right path at civilization's crossroads?" While other panelists offered hopeful examples of possible solutions, Mr. Gorbachev noted, that "The problem is not with science but the gap between words and action." The consumer model of western society has outlived itself, and there is no adequate vision on behalf of politicians. "Without a positive push from civil society," he said, "politics won't change. So we need to raise up civil society." Economist Dr. Henderson and Mr. Kitagawa of the Okuma School of Public Management at Waseda University, heartily agreed, while biologists Dr. Sahtouris added, "My hope for the world is to invest in its young people and their vision for the future."

The second dialogue, "Science & Spirituality: The Next Stage of Human Evolution," was facilitated by dynamic filmmaker Jin Tatsumura, director of the documentary film series "Gaia Symphony." Dr. Ervin Laszlo eloquently stated, "Nothing less than the future of humanity is the topic. The next evolution of humanity will depend on a new convergence between science and spirituality." He predicted that, "within ten years, we can create a viable civilization because of the rise of a new spirituality. If a critical mass of people achieve this new level of consciousness, the changes will occur through civil society."

Kabbalist Dr Michael Laitman was one of the speakers who addressed the audience at the Public forum of the event. He noted:

"The reason for this crisis is human egoism which increases every generation. But we cannot fight it directly and force people to love one another. We cannot force love. That is why we have to utilize the power of society over individuals. Each and every one of us is greatly affected by society: each of us wants respect from society; each of us is influenced by the opinions of society. If we can make it so that the most appreciated thing in the world will be giving-more appreciated than any other act of man, then people will want to give, they will want to bestow and to share, because they will want the respect of society. We have to see how we can cancel, revoke all of the prizes in society, except for one prize: the appreciation of a person's contribution to society. So when we point to a person and say that he or she gives to others that would be the greatest reward of all. That will make people give to one another, and love one another. Because we see how society influences people. I think we can do that. I hope that together we can build a new civilization."

Sustainability. Systems. Science. Spirituality. Upon these four pillars, the Forum 2005 "Creating a New Civilization" explored the questions that matter most at this critical moment in the history of our world. The Tokyo Declaration calls upon us to "facilitate and accelerate the blossoming of a higher form of civilization that embodies the global wisdom of humankind, in order that generations now living may bring forth a world in which the entire human family may flourish in harmony with all of nature on this precious planet."


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