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South American Kabbalah Congress


A South American Kabbalah Congress is taking place on August 28-30, 2009 in Buenos Aires - Argentina.

Kabbalah, an ancient, 5,000 year old wisdom, was destined for our times, with the only purpose of teaching humankind about how to reach balance and whole harmony between us and the entire Nature in a global world.

Join us to prepare the path towards a better future for South America and the whole world.

South America Kabbalah Congress

All lessons and activities during congress (lessons, workshops, banquets, songs and cultural nights) will be focused on the subject of Unity in a global world.

All of South America is invited to unite with us in this journey to search new horizons to build a spiritual union based in love and frienship, a model to be followed by the whole world.


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Lessons from the South American Congress


Video and Audio Lessons from the South American Kabbalah Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Lesson No. Video Audio
Lesson 1

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Lesson 2

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Lesson 3

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Lesson 4

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