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An Interview with Bnei Baruch Spokesperson Tony Kosinec

Interviewer: Gary Goldberg


Gary Goldberg, on the radio program "In the Spirit," talked to Tony Kosinec about the book Awakening to Kabbalah by Michael Laitman, PhD. With insightful questioning Mr. Goldberg explored issues of whether Kabbalah is a philosophy or a science. Mr. Kosinec explained that Kabbalah is a "user manual for reality," that it is in fact a science, the true wisdom we all seek.

Goldberg and Kosinec continued with an engaging and heartfelt discussion about all kinds of issues relevant in today's world, such as the purpose of pain, is there free will and if so what is it, what is the nature of correction and how does it occur, how does one contact the Creator, is there a spiritual gene in our DNA, what constitutes prayer, and what is the true nature of evil in this world.

Kosinec ended the interview particularly focusing on describing Dr. Laitman's extraordinary ability to explain Kabbalah in words we understand today. As Mr. Goldberg concluded, "This has been an awakening for me and hopefully for others."

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Interview running time: 55 min


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