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A Kabbalistic Interpretation of the Economic Crisis


Michael LaitmanThe ego driving us to increase profits at each other’s expense is in complete contradiction to the balance between nature’s elements, which is vital to nature’s harmonious existence.

The events surrounding the American and global economy prove that this time it’s serious - the global economy is in a deep crisis. What is causing this crazy turbulence and how can the erosion be curbed? Kabbalah provides an explanation along with suggestions for solving the crisis.

Just as with any social system, interdependency is the name of the game. Crises where one element “infects” others and brings the market to the verge of collapse, are part of the signs of economic globalization. This is why we are seeing credit and real estate bubbles in the U.S. bursting and bringing about an infectious collapse of the stock exchange, in banks, companies and hedge funds all over the world.

Having said that, trying to solve economic crises using known models is destined to fail. It turns out that the economic system cannot be controlled or accurately predicted, and that one move in one place of the world causes serious repercussions in other places.

The wisdom of Kabbalah claims that if we understand the laws working on nature and abide by them, we can fortify our understanding of what the future holds, and possibly prevent the next crash.

Professor Günter Blobel, M.D., Ph.D., awarded the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, in addition to being a senior investigator at the Rockefeller Institute in New York, was quoted recently as saying that, “Even science believes that the principle of interdependence is the key to the existence of nature’s entire system. The best example we have of this are the cells in the human body. They connect with one another through mutual giving for the benefit of the entire body. Every cell receives what it needs to exists, and applies the rest of its strength toward the general body.”

In their writings, the Kabbalistic sages also describe an “upper nature” as a force enveloping the whole of reality with love, and they explain that its purpose is to bring all elements of reality into balance and harmony. And when we take a good close look at the relationships in nature, we can see that balance and harmony is what enables life itself.

On the other hand, opposite laws are at work in the artificial systems humanity has made for itself. At the foundation of human behavior, driving all economic and social systems, is the ego, which always prefers the narrow personal interests of investors and stockholders, over the common good of the public. The pursuit of wealth, honor and control at the expense of others are the top priority for company owners.

And this is precisely where they’ve cornered themselves: the more they try to separate from one another, the more they discover how connected we all are. As a result, we find ourselves trapped between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand, the ego is pushing us to separate from one another, and on the other, globalization is pressuring us to realize that we are all connected and need to unite, like cells in a body. This complex situation is creating an internal conflict that we are finding difficult to come to grips with.

In order for the social system to survive it must be aligned with the laws of nature. The solution lies in education. Market leaders need to deal with the root of the sickness instead of handing out temporary painkillers. And for that to happen, Kabbalah claims that a number of initial steps need to be taken:

* Use various media channels to make people aware that we are one multicellular body, and that we are all connected to one another. Each and every cell (each and every person) in this universal system will need to understand that the most profitable economic model for him/her is the happiness of his fellow person. This is the only way one will be able to guarantee one’s stability.
* Make the public aware of the real reasons for the crisis. People will be made to understand that a law exists that operates on all of nature’s system, and that the turbulence we are now experiencing is a result of us acting against that law. Examples of this can be taken from systems in nature and the mutually beneficial relations between them.
* Decision makers will need to learn how the general system of nature works, and what implications this has with regard to necessary changes in the human systems that need to be made in order to bring them into balance.

Only when the people influencing our lives begin to operate in this direction, will we succeed in getting the world out of the mud that it is in up to its neck today, and lead it to safe ground.


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The following article on the economic crisis from a Kabbalah perspective was originally published on the website Ynetnews.com.

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