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The Table of Free Voices

119 Participants, 100 Questions, 672 Hours of Audiovisual Material

BERLIN, Germany (September 9, 2006), 119 distinguished speakers from around the world met as part of "The Table of Free Voices" question-answer symposium.

Held at the famous Bebelplatz Square, leading scientists, authors, Nobel Prize laureates and artists sat circled around a huge round table answering questions to produce positive global change. Each participant, chosen for their ongoing public or creative contribution, answered 100 of humanity's most relevant questions (selected by the event's organizers out of hundreds of thousands of the public's entries collected over that last 3 years).

"The Table of Free Voices" celebrated a new, experimental approach to encountering social and global problems, bringing together a critical mass of global representatives to answer humanity's questions.


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List of Participants at the Table of Free Voices


1. Adnan, Yassin - Morocco-born journalist, poet and novelist.

2. Almada, Martin - Human rights activist in Paraguay, founder of the Archives of Terror 3. Aloni, Udi - Filmaker whose films and visual arts explore the discourse between politics and theology.

4. Antoschka, Ekaterina Moshaeva - Clown, Founder World Parliament of the Clowns, Ambassador Yehudi Menuhin Foundation Germany

5. Aridjis, Homero - Mexican diplomat, activist and author.

6. Arkoun, Mohammed - Prominent Islamic scholar advocating Islamic modernism and humanism.

7. Arnove, Anthony - Editor and Author, notably of, with Howard Zinn, Voices of a People's History of the United States

8. Aziz, Jwan M. - Secretary General of New Horizon Center for Woman, Member of Non-Allied Iraqi Woman Group, Member of Business Woman Center

9. Baggio, Rodrigo - Founder of the Committee for Democracy in Information Technology

10. Baron, Dedi - Israeli-born theatre director

11. Benecke, Mark - Forensic Biologist, Author

12. Bengochea, Ana Lucy - Community organizer for the Garifuna Emergency Committee

13. Bensedrine, Sihem - Tunisian journalist, Human Rights Activist

14. Berger, Roland - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Munich

15. Beydoun, Abbas - Arabic Poet, Journalist

16. Botha, Andries - Sculptor and Human Rights Activist. His art is concerned with power, western value systems, colonialism, apartheid, ethnicity, global conflict, economic migration, philosophy, and mythology.

17. Boullata, Kamal - Jerusalem-Born Painter and Writer

18. Bruguera, Tania - Political and interdisciplinary artist who focuses on behavior as the principal resource of her work and who studies ways of delivering information in art such as rumor.

19. Bumacas, Donato Bayu Bay - Executive Director of Kalinga Mission for Indigenous Communities & Youth Development, (KAMICYDI)

20. Chibememe, Gladman - Environmentalist, Activist, Leader of Chibememe Earth Healing Association (CHIEHA)

21. Conal, Robbie - Guerrilla Poster Artist, Author

22. Cosic, Bora - Croatian Author

23. David, Catherine - Curator, Artistic Director of Documenta X, Director of Contemporary Arab Representations

24. Dürr, Hans - Peter In addition to nuclear physics, elementary particles and gravitation, epistemology, and philosophy, he has advocated for responsible scientific and energy policies.

25. Earle, Steve - Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter

26. El-Zayat-Erbakan, Sabiha - Islamic Scholar and Activist

27. El Daif, Rachid - Author, student of Islamic Literature

28. Evans, Jodie - Peace Activist, Community Organizer

29. Fahrer, Benjamin - Farmer, Permaculture Designer, Manager of Ocean Song Farm and Wilderness Centre

30. Fang, Lijun - Painter, Leader in Movement Called "Cynical Realism"

31. Federman, Raymond - French Author, Poet, Critic, Translator

32. Feidman, Giora - World-renowned clarinetist, is uniquely suited to promote his desire for a reconciliation of cultures. He is equally at home in Israel, where he played for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra for twenty years in his youth and Germany.

33. Figueroa, Viviana - Lawyer, Indigenous-Human Rights Activist, President of the Association of Young Indigenous People of Argentina

34. Gage, John - Chief Researcher and Vice President of the Science Office, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

35. Gangadean, Ashok - Professor of Global Philosophy, Co-Convenor of the World Commision on Global Consciousness, Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute, Co-Chair of the World Wisdom Council, Television Host

36. George, Susan - Author, Globalisation Activist, Vice President of Attac France

37. Glaude, Eddie - Associate Professor, Department of Religion at Princeton University 38. Granoff, Jonathan - Author, Attorney, Peace Activist, President of the Global Security Institute

39. Green, Jesper - IT Expert, Author, Activist

40. Halilbegovich, Nadja - Author, Musician, Peace Activist, War Survivor

41. Hariramamurthi, Govindaswamy - Senior program advisor at the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions, Founder member of the Karnataka State Traditional Healers Association

42. Ho, Mae-Wan - Scientist, heads the Bio-Electrodynamics laboratory at the Open University in Milton Keynes in the UK

43. Holt, Lillian - Indigenious Rights Activist, Journalist

44. Hvid, Kigge - Designer, Visual Artist, Director of INDEX:

45. Iyer, Pico - British-born journalist and author

46. Jagger, Bianca - Anti-War and Human Rights Activist

47. Joy, Bill - Technologist, Futurist and Greentech Investor

48. Kasapi, Dritëro - Macedonia-born Stage Director, Writer

49. Keitetsi, China - Former Child Soldier, Author

50. Kitagawa, Audrey - Hawaii, Lawyer, Peace Activist, Author

51. Kiuchi, Takashi - Founder & Chair of Future 500, Chairman of E-Square Inc., Chairman of G R I Japan Forum

52. Knight, Paul - Executive Director of Tranby Aboriginal College

53. Koirala, Anuradha - Former Assistant Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Founder of Maiti Nepal

54. Kosal, Song - Anti-Landmine Activist

55. Laitman, Michael - Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute and Kabbalah International

56. Laszlo, Ervin - Founder and President of The Club of Budapest, Co-Chair World Wisdom Council, Scientist, Philosopher, Humanist

57. Lhamo, Yungchen - leading Tibetan vocalist

58. Loroupe, Tegla - Athlete, Human Rights Activist

59. Lovink, Geert - Media Theorist, Activist, Net Critic

60. Lyberth, Angaangaq - Healer, Storyteller, Activist

61. Mahdavi, Sohrab - Co-founder and editor of the bilingual magazine, TehranAvenue 62. Maluleke, Livingstone - Executive Member of the Makuleke Communal Property Association

63. Mander, Jerry - 6Media and Globalization Critic, Environmentalist

64. Marikkar, Neela - Peace Activist, President of Sri Lanka First, Director of Grant McCann-Erickson

65. Matser, Fred - Humanitarian Entrepreneur

66. Meese, Jonathan - leader in a new art movement of new actionists and confusionists. 67. Mehta, Mayank - Neuroscientist interested in learning how the mind emerges from the brain

68. Melnikova, Valentina - Leader of The Union of Committees of Soldiers Mothers of Russia

69. Miller, Paul D. - conceptual artist, writer, and musician working in New York

70. Mittal, Anuradha - Human Rights Activist, Founder of the Oakland Institute

71. Norberg-Hodge, Helena - Founder and Director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture

72. Olivera, Oscar - Labor Rights and Environmental Activist

73. Pesic, Vesna - Educator, Peace Activist

74. Pheko, Mohau - Coordinator of African Gender and Trade Network (GENTA)

75. Ping-Kwan, Leung - Author, Poet, Translator

76. Possuelo, Sydney - Considered one of the last great wilderness scouts and the leading authority on Brazil's remaining isolated Indigenous Peoples, Sydney Possuelo is a celebrated sertanista - a uniquely Brazilian occupation that combines frontiersman, ethnographer, adventurer and Indian rights activist

77. Potiguara, Eliane - Professor of Indigenous Linguistics, Organizer of the Group of Indigenous Women Educators GRUMIN

78. Pragyapad, Swami - Trustee, Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth, Art of Living in India

79. Prieto, José Manuel - Cuban Writer, Novellist, Poet, Translator

80. Primor, Avi - Writer, Novellist, Poet, Translator

81. Putz, Wolfram - Architect, He is one of the founders of the architecture firm GRAFT.

82. Rahman, Monira - CEO of ASF, Human Rights Activist

83. Rampolokeng, Lesego - Poet, Writer, Performer

84. Restrepo, Alvaro - Colombian dancer and choreographer

85. Retallack, Simon - Head of the Climate Change Team at the Institute for Public Policy Research, the UK's leading independent progressive think tank

86. Robinson, Stephanie - President and CEO of the Jamestown Project at Yale, a nonprofit, nonpartisan institute dedicated to presenting diverse new voices, innovative scholarship, novel policy approaches, and using cutting-edge communications techniques and political and legislative action to increase the quantity and quality of democratic participation.

87. Roncagliolo, Santiago - Peruvian Author, Journalist

88. Russel, Masuma Bibi - UN Artist for Peace, UNESCO Ambassador, Fashion for Development

89. Sahtouris, Elisabet - Evolution Biologist, Futurist, Author, Consultant of organizations

90. Saionji, Masami - Chairperson of the Goi Peace Foundation, Chairperson of the World Peace Prayer Society

91. Satyarthi, Kailash - Anti Child Slavery Activist

92. Schwartz, Beverly - Vice President - Global Marketing Ashoka

93. Servos, Norbert - Choreographer

94. Shekarloo, Mahsa - Author, Feminist Activist

95. Sivaraksa, Sulak - Social Critic and Human Rights Activist

96. Smiley, Tavis - Author, Political Commentator and Talk Show Host

97. Solanas, Fernando - Champion of political and socially conscious cinema for more than three decades with such films as La Hora de los Hornos and Los Hijos de Fierro, which was banned in Argentina

98. Soundararajan, Thenmozhi - Filmmaker, Singer, Grassroots Media Organizer

99. Speed, Timothy - Futurephilosopher, Artist, Economist

100. St. Auby, Tamas - musician, poet, and photographer and conceptual artist

101. Stack, Jonathan - Emmy Award winning, two-time Academy Award nominated, Sundance Grand Jury prize winning documentary filmmaker

102. Tangiora, Pauline - Maori Elder, Indigenous Rights Activist

103. Tigar, Michael E. - Research Professor of Law, Lawyer

104. Toscani, Oliviero - Photographer internationally known as the creative force behind some of the world's most successful magazines and brands, including corporate images and advertising campaigns through the years, for Benetton, Esprit, Valentino, Chanel, Fiorucci, and many more.

105. Totten, Michael P. - Senior Director Climate, Communities and Biodiversity

106. Tschinag, Galsan - Singer, storyteller, novelist, poet, and Tuvan chieftan.

107. Venegas, Benson - Executive Director of Asociación ANAI, a Costa Rican NGO dedicated to integrating community-centered economic development and environmental conservation.

108. Von Barloewen, Constantin - Professor of Anthropology and Comparative Cultural Science.

109. Wali, Sima - President and CEO of Refugee Women in Development (RefWID), Inc. an international non-profit institution focusing on women in conflict, post-conflict reintegration and human rights

110. Weidemann, Kurt - german typographer, graphic designer, author and teacher.

111. Weiming, Tu - Harvard-Yenching Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy and of Confucian Studies, and Director of Harvard-Yenching Institute

112. Weinberger, Eliot - an essayist, poet, edior and translator.

113. Weller, Brian J. - Creativity Consultant, Spokesman for Economic Localization

114. Wenders, Wim - Emerged as a major filmmaker during the New German Cinema movement of the seventies. Wenders is often characterized as the "existentialist" of the movement.

115. West, Cornel - Professor of Religion and African-American studies at Princeton University has been a champion for racial justice since childhood

116. Wu, Harry - A huma rights activist and dissident, Wu has dedicated himself to exposing the truth about China's Laogai, the largest forced labor camp system in the world today.

117. Yang, Shaobin - Artist, painter, one of the most important artists of the Chinese avant garde.

118. Yasina, Irina - Activist, Journalist, Deputy Head of the Board of Directors of Open Russia

119. Yurdatapan, Sanar - Musician, Human Rights Activist

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