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Perceiving Reality explains that the cause of all problems lies in our incorrect perception of reality, and we only need to change our perception to affect a new and better world.


Perceiving Reality: Attitude


Yes, why can’t we all get along – it sounds so simple doesn’t it? I mean I love all people, why can’t everyone else be like me? The problem is none of that is really true. – It’s actually the other way around: it’s your own inner intention that’s screwing things up. This antagonism can’t be fixed from the outside in. It’s not up to other people; nobody can fix it but you.  AND we’re all in the same boat!

Our very nature is egoism, the will to receive. The whole of what we call creation consists only of that, and what surrounds that is a hidden force.

The law of nature is altruism, its essential force is love, and every detail of it keeps the general law of the universe and functions as one vast organism. All the things that seem to us to exist outside of us as separate objects work together just like organs within that body; receiving exactly and only what they need to survive and giving everything they can for the well-being of the whole. Science is now discovering this law everywhere, in deep space, in the ecosystem, in the atom. Everything in nature functions that way except for the inner life of a person.

The law of human nature is just the opposite, to receive as much as possible to satisfy the self by giving the least amount of effort, which always ends up being at the expense of others. Can you imagine how long a human body would last if it were made up cells that think and feel the way we do? Ow! This of course is the very definition of cancer, isn’t it?

Right now everything we do, even the most outwardly kind and generous acts are done only with the intention of self-gratification. OK, it’s not our fault, we were built this way but as long as we rely only on our created nature to guide us, we’ll never really love or get along with anyone else no matter how nice we imagine we are. Our inner life wasn’t designed as a place to privately obsess about our selves, but as the place of transformation and connection with the law of nature – the singular force of love.

So to heal the global hatred you see all around, you need a method of using your egoistic nature in a way that allows you to rise above it. That’s why all religions and the deepest dreams of your heart say we must Love our Neighbor as our self – Love others exactly as you love yourself! – Putting their interests before anything else – just like you do with your own self interest now. Cause nobody can fix this but you. All religions preach that, but only the Wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to realize it.


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Perceiving Reality

Introduction to Kabbalah

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Perceiving Reality's Introduction to Kabbalah


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What is the Essence of Kabbalah?



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What is Prayer in Kabbalah?


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What is the nature of coincidence?



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Do We Reincarnate?


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Do I have to believe in God to live a spiritual life?


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What can we do to change the world?


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What is our true nature?


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Why is the Middle East in crisis?



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Why can't people just get along?



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What states of consciousness have other people achieved?

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