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Kabbalists have attained them all. But don't take Perceiving Reality's word for it... Test the method of Kabbalah upon yourself, and discover the higher states of consciousness for yourself.


Perceiving Reality: Consciousness

I bet this is the second time your watched this one.. You’ll understand why I’m saying that later.

Kabbalists have attained them all and speak to us from there in the books they leave us of their attainments. They contain a map that explains where we came from, where we’re going and how to get there. In our current perceptions we think of this as out there – like out in space or we use the term other dimensions, but because we can never imagine anything except according to forms already existing in our mind as a result of experiences we project these forms onto “out there” But all of these projections aren’t out there, they’re just an entertaining rehash of our current level of perception. We always imagine in terms of time and space. That’s the stuff of science fiction and even the limitation of leading edge science. Quantum physicists, openly admits they can only describe the boundary of human perception but can’t penetrate or escape it.

So what other way is there to experience? What do other, higher dimensions really mean? Which way is up, which way is out?

Take a look at this thing. Ever seen one of these before? If you haven’t then to you it looks like a random spattering of marks, or maybe there’s a pattern, but it’s completely abstract. Actually it’s not abstract at all, every mark in the pattern serves a purpose and the purpose can’t be achieved without it.

This is a 3D image encoded into 2 dimensions. And if you use you’re sense of sight the way you normally do you wont be able to see the 3D picture. There’s a method. You have to get up close to the screen allowing your eyes to go out of focus and then pull your head away slowly without refocusing your eyes… try it.

Now if you succeed then the picture appears to you – see it? Now it’s obvious that the higher dimension always existed along with the lower one… and that the lower one could only have been created with the knowledge of what image should be contained in the higher one. Now think about this…

The idea to create such a thing as a three dimensional image hidden in a 2 dimensional drawing, that would give you the pleasure of effort, discovery and revelation comes from an infinitely higher and qualitatively different dimension which you could never have imagined just focusing on dots separated by space on some surface. AND that thought is also encoded in the 2D image!

So each higher state is more inclusive, more creative, less material and more caring and intentional. The Kabbalists who have penetrated the highest state tell us it is absolute love.

Of course we only get there if we want it enough to learn how to do it.
Listen, I’ve got to go, but if you can’t see the picture yet you can always click on this question and try again.


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