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Perceiving seemingly disconnected points of reference and calling them ״coincidences״ is a result of our lack of perception of nature׳s complete picture.


Perceiving Reality: Coincidence


We only think about these kinds of events as coincidence because we suddenly perceive the nature of something that's hidden - What is it that's hidden from us, that it's appearance is so startling and fascinating? - meaning!'

In contrast to our normal perception, we're astounded by the impression of an intelligent connection that seems to poke through our reality from some higher place.  We're absolutely certain that we're sensing a purpose - yet at the same time it's not clear what that purpose really is.

It,s a kind of awakening, an assurance that we're not alone, that perhaps nature  really is a caring force.

This wonderful feeling is a little taste of the enormous pleasure of sensing this force. It's so impressive that even a bad coincidence inspires wonder. Because you feel its nature regardless of the fact that it eludes your reason. Imagine the delight in actually uncovering the meaning of your life.


But - There is no such thing as coincidence.


The study of the structure of the Upper Worlds in the science Kabbalah is nothing other than the layout of what you actually are. You glimpsed it - but only through 2 points and under the reversed assumption of your reason that somehow two entirely separate things magically became interrelated - and that' s not so because the force behind life is a complete holistic reality consisting of wisdom feeling and purpose, and every part of it is linked to every other part because it's one thing

- so naturally everything that happens has an impact on every other thing that occurs or anything that's perceived. Because it\rquote s already there outside of time and space just waiting for us to be able to sense it and attain it.


It's like a looking at a chain of islands. If you could suddenly pull the plug and drain the ocean you'd clearly see the submerged mountain that was always there.


Kabbalah is a practical science that allows us to perceive what is hidden, so the adventure of connection purpose and meaning becomes a constant in our lives, not just an anomaly.


The stronger your desire to know its nature the more it reveals its unchanging purpose and intention.


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