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If you just believe in God, then you can׳t live a spiritual life. What is spirituality? According to Kabbalah, spirituality can׳t be defined as a belief or philosophy, but only as a clear perception and sensation of reality.


Perceiving Reality: Belief


Q: Do I have to believe in God to live a spiritual life?


Actually if you just believe in God you can't live a spiritual life.


We can't enter spirituality based on belief because beliefs are not based on what spirituality actually is; they're fantasies of how we'd like it to be without doing anything to find out what it is.

How do you know when you're in a place? Only by the sensation you have within your own experience. If you go by anything else, then you don't actually live there, - you just live as though you live there, as though there's an all-inclusive, loving force. Spirituality isn't vague or abstract.


Just believing calms us down, makes us not try to attain, taste, perceive and enter it. A believer can say  - aw it's ok, the thing I want is out there somewhere...

ever notice how unsatisfying that is when you desperately want something?


You hear spiritual applied to just about anything and everything.  The word has become meaningless, it's almost a Synonym for vague and abstract.

How can you go someplace when you don't know what or where it is? You need a definition.. and that is one of the greatest gifts of Kabbalah.


The Kabbalistic sages tell us that Spirituality is what creates influences and cares for all aspects of life, that's why it's called Lishma or the attribute of bestowal..  They tell us to know it we have to become like it, then we can enter it... but don't take their word for it, everything needs to be tested and confirmed, to do that we need to set aside our beliefs and assumptions and apply their method, just like in any science and see if it works or not.


According to Kabbalah, the meaning of faith is not belief, but direct sensation of the Creator. It's an inner impression as tangible, repeatable and real as any human experience, and those who attain the levels of perception laid out in the structure of the worlds, the higher states described in the method of Kabbalah, experience the same general impression - just like a scientist using some procedure can perform an experiment and get the intended results, or like people with a street map of New York will all be able find the same places.

Faith means to really feel it, really see it in everything that surrounds us.


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