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Kabbalah reveals why we are alive and how to reach the complete perception of the system we live in. Reincarnation is a fundamental process within this system. We can reincarnate either unconsciously, the way we have been, or with Kabbalah, learn how to progress through our incarnations consciously.


Perceiving Reality: Reincarnation


Q: Do we reincarnate, if so why don't we remember anything about our lives and what part of us is it that reincarnates?


A: Yes we do and reincarnation can be experienced internally or externally depending on our conscious involvement and agreement with the force that quote s developing us.

Death occurred as a result of the breaking of Adam HaRishon the first man, meaning the collective soul. Each one of its parts, a so-called individual soul, consists of 613 desires to receive for itself alone. Each of these desires is influenced by a constant force of development working on it with the purpose of bringing it to its perfected state in which it is transformed into a desire to bestow, this happens over and over until all of them are correceted, so no matter how it may appear to us while we're undergoing this process: everything is always progressing and never falls back.  All spiritual growth is cumulative.


The path of development, new life is always more encompassing and better, but here's the catch the catch: our very definition of what is better and bigger has to change with each step


The states of this growth are such that change occurs either when a person no longer feels his present state is tolerable, or has reached a correction of these desires so that they correspond to some degree with the Creator's desire to bestow - he's undergone some inner, qualitative development. So moving to the next state means that he's freed from the previous perception of reality, one's entire foundation is overturned and they enter a new attitude towards the world.  In other words we become severed from the previous state and ascend to a higher, more inclusive one.


On the internal, causal level, an incarnation begins with the appearance of a spiritual body called a desire in its uncorrected state that first feels pleasure by satisfying itself, then within that satisfaction it begins to sense that it is not simply taking from nowhere, but that pleasure is being purposely given to it from a higher level, and now wants to reach that level to experience the pleasure of giving instead. To do that it has to stop experiencing itself as a receiver so it is given a screen, an intention that allows it to do that.. The appearance of each new state is first felt as empty or dark because it still only identifies with and is locked into the definition of life and pleasure that it wants to leave, even though it's bigger and better it is such an opposite perception that we don't feel anything there.


But - On the unconscious or physical level this exact mechanism is perceived as a mysterious intimate inner quality that clothes in a succession of protein bodies each with its unique talents and personality, appearing and disappearing one after another over thousands of years, and with each cycle of death and birth it completely forgets the conditions of its former life because if it's going to encompass, attain a higher level of reality it won' t be with that mind, reality won't fit in there. What it's been, how it's developed, each past life accumulates as its innate nature and a new mind functions as the operating system necessary for its next phase of development. 


The individual soul in the process of realizing the collective soul is the basis of that inner part the "I", and the body exists in this world only to help it elevate and attain its true state. It's so insignificant in comparison to the soul that we can exchange organs and limbs with other species and continue to live, even without all our parts, because the body exists for the sake of the soul.


A Kabbalist, being a person who has studied and learned how to be consciously involved in this process of becoming like the will to bestow can inwardly pass through many lifetimes in a day. The soul feels such delight that he no longer needs to descend into this world, but exists in a completely different endash  eternal and perfected state.


But until this inner quality awakens in a person and they want to work with the real causal process, they must continue to be born and die according to the perception of the will to receive.


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