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Fixing the Middle East


Perceiving Reality takes all problems directly to their cause: the evolving incorrect use of our egoistic nature. All solutions lie in transforming our egoistic nature into an altruistic mode of use.


Perceiving Reality: Fixing the Middle East Crisis


You’re right but don’t give up the hope because the solution is something entirely new and exceptional. From what we’ve seen and understood up to now there doesn’t appear to be a solution, but that’s because we’ve been looking at this impossible situation from the level of outcomes rather than the level of causes.  And from there, the problem and the solution have a common origin

This is our world around 1948 BCE, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, ancient Iraq, the time and place of the emergence of Western Civilization.  Something happened here in the development of humanity that set this conflict in motion. Not just physically, but on the causal level.

Up until this time the altruistic and egoistic properties of the inner life of humanity (lets call it the soul) developed in a relative balance. We wanted and needed very little for our survival and satisfaction. First we hunted, and then we farmed and had a simple and clear connection with the forces of nature that surrounded us. Suddenly here our egoistic desires reached a level where they began to outpace our small altruistic tendencies and we started to develop and organize by dominating nature and protecting ourselves from it. We built towers and technologies that began to obscure our ties with nature and how to relate to it. This is still basically how we define civilization and progress, only now that connection is completely lost.

But at the same time something else started to develop here – the method of transforming that newly erupting egoism the method that will eventually overcome this disconnection and reveal our ultimate perfected bond with each other and the force behind nature once we eventually reached the end of the ego’s expansion.

The method was called Kabbalah and the person who revealed it was Abraham. From the ancient Aramaic tongue he created Hebrew, a language made up solely of terms for this science. Most people didn’t understand what he was talking about, but he attracted a group of students and taught them the structure and laws of nature and how to work with these in the form of desires present in every human heart: one called Israel – meaning the desire for direct connection with the Creator, and the Nations meaning our desires for self satisfaction. All this thousands of years ago long before Judaism, Islam or Christianity appeared.

The Kabbalists tell us that the spiritual desire for connection with the Creator is destined to fill the entire heart, meaning all of our reality, despite the fact that it contains a greater number of corporal desires.

Because this is the root structure of creation we see this inner, causal situation reflected in the physical world as well. This small group of students eventually grew to become a physical nation called by the same name Israel and surrounded by many opposing nations.

Neither those living in Israel or the people in the surrounding countries realize the true nature of the conflict, because the development of all people over the last few thousand years by the will to receive has blinded us to where the answer lies.

Listen with your inner ear!

The role of Israel is to reveal the long hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah and to serve the nations by making this method of transforming civilization available at the very moment it’s so desperately needed in a world locked onto a collision course with disaster.

But the problem is not one of religion or territory.. It can never be solved that way. The situation exists only in our heart and these two warring desires must come to peace there.


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