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Changing the World


There are no physical, political, scientific or humanitarian actions that can change the world׳s situation, if we don׳t change it individually first...


Perceiving Reality: Changing the World


What can we do as individuals? Great question! There are no outer physical, political, scientific or humanitarian actions that can change this situation if it’s not changed individually first.

Quantum physics has recently discovered that the results of experiments are determined in some way by the person doing them, but they don’t yet know how this happens or the extent of the influence.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is an ancient science dealing precisely with how human awareness affects reality. The Kabbalists, through their investigations, using a method of experimentation that incorporates human awareness, having penetrated the causal forces, reveal in their books that the general law, which they call “The Thought of Creation”, is to create a creature and to bring the creature to complete fulfillment.

In other words we and everything in existence are undergoing a process of development with the goal of reaching a perfected state exactly like the state of the force that created us. You could call this the will of God: the blueprint containing the purpose, meaning and outcome of life in all its detail, and the forces that bring this outcome about. It’s an intention, a desire. It is good that does good. It never changes – we do.

All the disasters and wars we are now experiencing are just the measure of the difference between the quality of our individual and collective intention and the quality of intention behind this law governing nature called “light. “

The inner life of humanity is the determining factor for how nature treats us. How can that be?

The inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels of existence are actually parts of us. The only difference between them is the amount of desire for change they have. The amount of quality as opposed to quantity. That’s why there’s so much inanimate matter compared to the number of even the simplest vegetative life forms. One rose contains the desire of all the rocks in the universe, one fly contains the desire of all plants on earth, and one person contains and eclipses the desire of the entire system below them. So an individual directly affects all of reality according to how similar or dissimilar their inner qualities are to the light.

Kabbalah tells us what quality to change in ourselves and how.


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