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Come & See How We Can Live In Harmony - World Zohar Convention 2010

A video clip made by Alexander Angelov from Boston



Advancement During the Convention


Dr. Michael Laitman provides Mike Kellogg with explanations as to why attending a convention contributes to a more rapid advancement.


Dear Friends!


The World Zohar Convention 2010 aims to be a new step in attaining a new level of spiritual unity, a new reality for everyone. And in order for this to be a true success, it requires the mutual efforts and participation of everyone!

We encourage everyone to send any of the following materials to add to the inspiration and preparation toward the World Zohar Convention, and we will publish them in this World Zohar Convention section:

  • Letters from Friends - If it's going to be your first time attending a Kabbalah congress or a Zohar convention, then we would like to hear about you: How did you come to Kabbalah? What are you expecting from the World Zohar Convention? If you've attended one before, then what do you expect will be different about this convention to previous ones? You may write about what you are doing to bring this about?
  • Songs and Music - Whether you would like to submit songs or music to play at the cultural evening at the convention, or whether you would like to share songs or music to inspire everyone attending to attain a new level of spiritual unity, we welcome all songs and music.
  • Video Clips, Audio Files, Or More! - Any video clips with your impressions and expectations from the upcoming World Zohar Convention or to inspire the spiritual unity through the convention.

Please send all materials for publishing in this section to info@kabbalah.info

* Together with any materials, we would appreciate if you would also provide a photo of yourself, so that you can introduce yourself to others who'll be attending.


What Makes This Convention So Different?


In this video Mike Kellogg discusses "what makes this convention so different?" with Dr. Michael Laitman.  Dr. Laitman will be, of course, providing informational and inspirational lectures during the entire convention.



Zohar World Convention 2010- The Practical Side of Kabbalah


In this clip Dr. Michael Laitman talks with Mike Kellogg about how this convention will address the practical side of Kabbalah.

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