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We all love music and for a good reason, music is the only force in the world that crosses all language barriers, differences, and prejudice. Music speaks directly to a person's heart.

Some of the songs that will be played at the World Zohar Convention 2010 are now available on this page. More to come shortly. Songs were written by musicians who are Kabbalah students, as a result of their inspiration from this path of spiritual development. All are based on central themes of the World Zohar Convention 2010.

We recommend, in preparation for the convention, that you get to know the songs and learn the words, so that you can benefit from listening to and singing these songs with the rest of the convention participants.


Songbook for the Zohar World Convention

Click on the text links to download the songs (MP3), and click on the Word icons to download the lyrics.



  1. She Ipatach (Let It Open!)   word
  2. Ata V'Ani (You & Me)   word
  3. Let Go Of The Ego   word
  4. Born To Bestow Light   word
  5. Boker Ohr (Morning Light)   word
  6. Caucasian Dance (instrumental) 
  7. BB Boston Unity Song   word
  8. Kfar Globali (Global Village)   word
  9. Svet Ko Mne Pridi   word
  10. La Flaca  
  11. Yashar Kel (Straight To God)   word
  12. The Congress Song 
  13. Everything Comes From Above   word
  14. Shamati (I Heard)   word
  15. Attack!
  16. Living In Unity   word
  17. One Kli   word
  18. Amen   word
  19. The Greatest
  20. Jerusalem
  21. Yerushalayim She Ba Lev (Jerusalem In The Heart)  word
  22. Kadur Poreach (Hot-Air Balloon)   word
  23. Intention (instrumental)
  24. The Quitter
  25. Picture Of Bestowal
  26. HaShamayim Ipatchu (The Skies Will Open)   word
  27. Brand New World   word
  28. Music Man
  29. More Love
  30. One Village
  31. Finalismo  word
  32. HaAhava  word
  33. Tol'ko vmeste  word
  34. Para Ser Kabbalista
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