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Why A Zohar Convention?


We were born into this world without knowing where we came from before we were born, where we are headed after we die, into a family we didn't choose, to a school we didn't choose, into beliefs and values we didn't choose, and into a society with values that silence any questions about the above.

But in our era, more and more people are incapable of taming these questions: Why are we here? Who are we? Where are we? What's the point of it all? And the more pronounced these questions become, without getting answered, the more people feel their lives as painful, empty and confused.

The Zohar Was Written To Fulfill Today's New Desire

The Zohar described this present situation in humanity 2,000 years ago. It explains that in our era, people would start feeling a new desire, one beyond our desires in this world for food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge. Unlike these, the new desire would be incapable of becoming fulfilled in our world, because it can be fulfilled only by getting answers to the above questions. The answers to these questions lay in discovering the true reality we're in while we're alive in this world. Moreover, unlike our everyday desires just mentioned, which lead us to temporary, fleeting fulfillments, this new desire would lead us to unlimited, everlasting fulfillment.

The Zohar was written specifically for the purpose of fulfilling this new desire in our era. It was written by a group of Kabbalists who dedicated their lives to finding the answers to life's fundamental questions, and by doing so, attained the complete picture of reality together. With determination, inner discipline and hard work, these Kabbalists discovered the forces and laws upon which our reality is based, and wrote their discoveries in The Zohar.

The Zohar Gives Us The Tools To Discover Harmony

The authors of The Zohar discovered how creation is constructed from its beginning to its end. They entered into the system of governance that operates our reality, and wrote how that system works, providing us with the tools for how to function in harmony with this system.

They wrote The Zohar in a hidden language. Its language seemingly depicts all kinds of pictures, fables and historical events related to people, places and times. However, this is an incorrect picture that we perceive only through our inborn, five senses. In order to discover what The Zohar truly writes about, we need guidance with the text, to properly aim ourselves toward it and not fall into corporeal perceptions, and by doing so, undergo inner changes that develop an additional perception of reality within us. Through this additional perception, we start seeing the spiritual world The Zohar describes.

The World Zohar Convention 2010 is an intensive three days of studies, workshops and activities aimed at developing this additional perception of reality through The Zohar.

Why Is The Zohar So Important In Our Era?

Never before have Kabbalists opened the study of The Zohar to the public in such an intensity, because before today, there was never a need for it. Today, when questions about a person's purpose and role start intensifying, The Zohar starts opening up to the world, together with Kabbalists who provide the guidance for how to aim ourselves properly toward The Zohar.

A new reality of perfection, completeness and eternity doesn't have to come after much confusion and pain, but can be attained here and now, and The Zohar holds the key to discovering that reality in the shortest time possible. Everyone who wants this reality is welcome to attend the World Zohar Convention 2010 in New York on May 7-9, to experience this deep, inner transformation together with friends from all around the world.


What Makes This Convention so Different?


In this video Mike Kellogg discusses "what makes this convention so different?" with Dr. Michael Laitman.  Dr. Laitman will be, of course, providing informational and inspirational lectures during the entire convention.



Zohar World Convention 2010 - The Practical Side of Kabbalah


In this clip Dr Michael Laitman talks with Mike Kellogg about how this convention will address the practical side of Kabbalah.



Advancement During the Convention


Dr Michael Laitman provides Mike Kellogg with explanations as to why attending a convention contributes to a more rapid advancement.


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