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Yeshivat Haverim (Gathering of Friends)

Yeshivot Haverim (Gatherings of Friends) at the Convention


The Yeshivat Haverim (gathering of friends) will be one of the most exciting activities at the convention. This year you can participate in these gatherings as well.

The Yeshivat Haverim is a tradition which dates back thousands of years, back to the days of the first Kabbalists. It is an integral part of path of spiritual development of Kabbalah students at all times.

According to the ancient tradition of the Kabbalists, Kabbalah students used to gather together once a week, to give inspiration, confidence, and feelings of warmth to each friend throughout each other's progress on the spiritual path. Therefore, the Yeshivat Haverim is probably the most exciting activity you will experience during the convention.

The Innermost Part of the Convention
The Yeshivat Haverim at the convention is composed of a host and a panel of a number of students, both new and veterans, who share their impression of the path of spiritual development. The participants at the gathering share their deepest emotions with the audience, and thereby allow all of the participants to connect with them, and increase everyone's desire to achieve the spiritual world.

In addition, during the gathering, which lasts an hour, we will be watching videos and singing songs to deepen and intensify the power of this joint act. The World Zohar Convention is a big gathering of friends, and the gatherings of friends held throughout the convention are its most inner part.

The Missing Friend
The Missing Friend is an opportunity for you to appear and to speak at one of the Yeshivot Haverim, or recommend a person you think is worthy of appearing. In each Yeshivat Haverim during the convention, one chair will be left empty to seat "the missing friend" who will be chosen by the convention participants.

You can also participate as speakers at the Yeshivat Haverim and inspire everyone at the convention.

Write to us, and describe why you think you or your friends are suitable to fill this role. What is special about your story? How did your introduction to the wisdom of Kabbalah or to studying The Zohar change your life? What do you expect from the convention?

Write to: newyork@kabbalah.info

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