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While having a meal we aspire to discover the Upper World and feel what a spiritual "meal" and spiritual "tastes" are.

The World Zohar Convention 2010 will include mutual meals according to Kabbalistic tradition. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, a meal represents a higher spiritual state in which the soul is filled with the Light of "eating" and "drinking," as a result of revealing the Upper Force - the Creator.

In the spiritual dimension, a meal cannot be eaten alone, since the vessel for the reception of the Upper Light comes only from the connection among people.

Therefore, through this supposedly simple, worldly action of eating together, we can bring ourselves another step closer to grasping spiritual reality.

Spiritual Tastes
Proper preparation for the meals during the convention depends only on the way you relate to it.

What's in it for you? Why are you eating here specifically, with thousands of people who are aimed toward the same goal, and not somewhere else?

During the time of the meal, just as when you do any other action during the convention, you should aspire to discover the Upper World, to find out what the spiritual "meal" and "tastes" are. During the meals, we will get to know new people who have a desire for the same things as us. Singing together during the meals and participating collectively in the musical programs during the convention contribute to the elation needed to discover a spiritual reality as a group.

Dining Arrangements at the Convention
During the convention, rich meals, including meat courses, will be served for lunch and dinner. In addition, vegetarian dishes and a wide selection of salads will be available. The meals will be served buffet-style.

During the day, refreshments will be freely available: coffee, tea, cookies, water (tap), etc.

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