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The Daily Page - 10-11-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Question By A Student


Question by a Student: But how should I help him?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: In this we will both discover how much we do not think of one another. Then we will be able to move from a personal egoistic calculation - I am feeling bad, to a different kind of calculation - whom am I pleasing, that I am lacking the quality of bestowal. We are yet to have this. The heart is blocked, what will you do? Even in people with a point in the heart from our groups over the world - and I see and feel them - the ear hears, but the heart does not. We need to think more and more about what we can do to change this because no one can succeed on his own: no one, only through the others.

In short, we are in a global trouble; we have reached the global crisis in our group. "Man shall help his friend," and no one can help himself, no one. Only the friends can help - if I receive the feeling of Arvut (mutual guarantee) from them, if I receive from them all the conditions that I need in order to demand, I will attain spirituality. And if they do not help, I will not attain it. What can you do? Pay them, bring them gifts, I do not know. But everything depends on the desire in their heart, on a desire that is concealed from you and you cannot influence it in any way. Therefore everything depends upon agreement, on mutual work, on mutual connection - these are the only things that can lead to it.

We must feel this problem as our greatest inner problem, as trouble that actually threatens our lives. We can compare this to a situation where some problem arises in the family, and everything is dwarfed compared to coping with it.

Everything Depends On Them

I cannot think that I am lacking the quality of bestowal, that I am lacking the feeling of others, that I am lacking the feeling of the Creator as the quality of bestowal within me. I do not think that this is what I am lacking on the inside, that if I feel love of others I will reach "salvation," that the love for others which I feel inside of me is the "salvation." Period. We must try hard, exert efforts, and realize that we are incapable of this. It is called "And the sons of Israel groaned because of the servitude and they cried out."

What can be done? Only the others can help me. Why? Because this is how we are built. If they want me to yearn, to need, to want, to think about bestowal, I will attain it. If I have a point in the heart, my friends, my environment, can influence me through publicity, personal example, their thoughts etc., and cause that suddenly this deficit will form in me. And with this deficit I will already come to the study, to the Creator, to a cry, and to the group.


The Language Of Kabbalah Is Bestowal


Question by a Student: Are there rules for how to study Kabbalah that a student has to follow in order to learn the language of Kabbalah?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: The language of Kabbalah is the language of bestowal. All four languages of Kabbalah (the languages of the Tanach, Halacha, Hagaddah, and Kabbalah) explain how to bestow. This is what you should be learning when reading all the books and explanations. You should always remember that everything you are reading and hearing is teaching you about bestowal.

Language is a program that you place inside you and set in motion. This program makes you think and want differently, and gives you a new attitude to the world. So, the language of Kabbalah is the language of bestowal.


You Need A Kabbalah Teacher To Learn The Program Of Connecting With The Creator


The word Kabbalah can be interpreted in different ways. One of its meanings is "passing something on," because the language of Kabbalah can only be passed on through a connection between a student and teacher. All other languages (Tanach, Halacha and Haggadah) can be learned on your own, provided that you receive books from previous generations explaining the key concepts, and that you have someone to advise you. However, when learning these other languages, you don't have to have a close connection with a teacher; you don't have to learn how he thinks, feels and relates to everything. You don't have to absorb anything from him or copy his attitude and worldview.

However, in order to attain the language of Kabbalah, you have to cling to a teacher. That's because he is higher and you are lower. He gives you his AHP and you have to view it as something positive and wanted, in spite of the external appearance that deliberately repels you. Of course, you won't agree with the teacher and you won't want him. You will push him away and even hate him. However, in reality this is in order to show you how much you don't want spirituality.


Reaching The Correct Request


It is possible to reach the correct request only if each one will think of his friend, if he will want to help him. There is no need to do more than that. From the love of others to love for the Creator. In the lack of love of others we will discover that we are lacking the love for the Creator.


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