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The Daily Page - 12-01-11

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The One Thing That’s Up to Us


Question: How can we increase the force of being able to overcome when a greater egoistic desire is revealed?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: All of a person's qualities, no matter what they seem like to him, from the best to the worst, become revealed in the framework of the common system of souls that advance toward unity according to the program of creation. Therefore, we cannot attribute any of a person's personal manifestations to his own account. Like a cogwheel or an integral part of a system, he has to reveal a specific collection of inclinations, desires, and states inside of him.

No matter what happens inside a person, he should not place any bets on it. After all, he does not determine what happens to him now because it is determined by the common system which goes through different states. Thus, you can stop worrying about the current state because you cannot do anything about it. It is woven of thousands of factors that are outside of you. As for the future state, it's also pointless to think about it because it also doesn't depend on you, but is determined by the needs of the system that has to take a step forward.

In essence, the only thing I should think about is how I will take this step. What is it about this step that depends on me? It also contains things that are not actualized by me, but by the Upper Force, and that aren't illuminated by me, but by the upper Light. A person goes through analyses and reaches a point where he really can realize himself. Then he sees a very clear and precise action, like pressing a button.

This is a person's task: At every moment in time to discern the only action that depends on him and to realize it. As he makes this analysis he also discerns many other things, and as a result, by pressing the button, he activates the system and starts to perceive it, accept it, and become part of it.

In other words, a person starts to attain the system as a whole. Therefore, he is not a lab rat that finds the button of the feed box in a labyrinth. On the contrary, by making efforts in different states, he attains the conditions, the causes, and the essence of what happens.

When reaching the button, he will undoubtedly press it. But the entire matter here is the analysis; this is the true asset.


From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/12/11,Writings of Rabash


The Group Is the Place Where We Meet


Question: If we advance only by virtue of the environment, then when will our choice come from our own altruistic intention, Lishma?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: We have to attain perfection and it contains two parameters:

1. On one hand, I am independent and equal to the Creator in every way;
2. On the other hand, I am similar to Him in every way.
In that case, I am independent and perfect.

It turns out that independence and perfection have to unite and bring me to the final state. But how can independence and equivalence exist together? How can I reach perfection by elevating both of these qualities, which are opposite to each other?

To enable this, the Creator had to add a third factor to the two already existing ones (Him and me). This third factor will be the place of our meeting, the place of revelation. It is where I will reveal my independent self and the Creator opposite from me.

It is necessary to create a "territory" where we will be able to be partners, opposite but equal and united. This territory is called the sum of the souls, the Shechina, Malchut. After the breaking, we as well as the Creator are outside of the boundaries of the sum of the souls, and now we must meet there. We do this to the degree we are able to participate in this process and reveal one another.

That is why creation was broken. It broke into many disparate parts, which are the degree of creation's independence, meaning its separation and detachment from the Creator.

We have to use this situation, which is why Baal HaSulam writes that we have to keep every person's uniqueness. After all, it will never be duplicated in anyone else. Every person must be independent and special.

But on the other hand, we must give every person the opportunity and help him reach equivalence of form with the Creator. By means of one's uniqueness, by having an inimitable combination of qualities and desires, a person develops them in order to direct them toward bestowal. That is how he reaches equivalence with the Creator.

This similarity is actualized by way of uniting with others. Why isn't it done through uniting with the Creator? It is in order to preserve independence. When working before the Creator, a person nullifies himself, whereas in relation to the group, he can play the decisive role, similar to the Creator.

The place of our meeting is the territory of the group, which was artificially created and divided into parts. We come there in the middle line and unite. There we actualize the Zivug of HaVaYaH and Elokim, the unity of judgment and mercy.

However, if a person does not think about these three elements: him and the Creator, uniting in the group, then he incorrectly imagines the realization of the goal of creation which awaits him.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/12/11, Writings of Rabash


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