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The Daily Page - 08-11-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

How To Open The Package From The Creator?


Opening the package, the awakening we received, means to start responding, to think what is happening, what is being demanded from us. As it is written, "what is the Creator demanding from you." To think, what could it be? What should I do? What do I need to reach? What does He want from me? What kind of example is He giving me by awakening me? Indeed, inside the AHP de Elyon should be an example of what I need to do. I need to try.

What Is The Maximal Effort Which Leads To Opening The Package And To A Cry To The Creator?

You must search for Him. But one can understand the point through a corporeal illustration - the Creator knocks on your door and says: "Come open up, I would like to speak with you. Come on, let us get to know one another." And you say: "Okay, but...I just washed my feet," like Shulamit in the Song of Songs. And you are thinking to yourself, "I will get dirty, why would I leave the bed to open the door..." Precisely these moments are not to be missed. It is very important.

What Is The Example That Comes From AHP de Elyon Which Descends To A Person How Can One Identify It?

Theoretically we say that "AHP de Elyon descends to me." But in fact, its turn to me is not just some "knock on the door," but it is the Elyon who truly wants to recognize me, who wants me to recognize Him so that we will connect, we will speak, and we will reveal one another. Every thought that exists in a person about the Creator - stems from that. From this point on, everything depends on the person's sensitivity, meaning how much he can develop this call, scrutinize it, and be drawn to it. This is a herald. But if he does not implement it, then like in the Song of Songs, he leaves and is missed.



The Need For Exertion



Even if the whole world would be in spirituality, except for you, you will nevertheless need to give exertion according to your soul's root. Otherwise, you will not have a vessel to feel spirituality. Spirituality is not a ready-made thing to which people can take you along with them.

Even if they take you, you will remain as a "point," you will not feel. Right now you are in spirituality as well. Who will develop this vessel, the Hissaron (deficit), instead of you, if not the trampling? As it is written, "the Light's spreading and disappearance make the vessel desirable for its role." Who will do this if not you? The others cannot do it instead of you.

Certainly if you influence them, it helps you - let us say that you have millions of dollars, and you invest them in disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah. But even then, your exertion will remain exertion. By you giving, you are assisting yourself, because you "grant the public," and they help you. But you still need to give your personal exertion. Otherwise in what will you feel spirituality? You must be hungry; you must develop an appetite for bestowal, for connection with fellow-men, for adhesion with the Creator. Who will take you to it? It is impossible to bring you just like that, like some luggage. Do you want spirituality? Here you go - now you shall receive - around you is the world of Infinity, what is bothering you? However, there are no vessels.



Opening The Package You Received From The Creator


In the past, even as recently as a hundred years ago, there were many people who would readily give up all of their material possessions and would make every effort imaginable in order to reveal the concealed Upper World. However, since it still wasn't the time for humanity to reveal it, and humanity still hadn't reached a global connection, the Upper Governance did not push people in this direction.

In the 20th century, however, people's individual and collective egoism has grown to such an extent that an individual mulls over every infinitesimal effort he has to make, debating whether to make it or not. If any thought about spirituality (good or bad) visits us, it's a sign that the Creator, the Upper Degree, is descending to us and inviting us to connect with It. In response, a person has to seek a deeper connection and the way to unlock it.

The Upper Level sends us thoughts about It in order to awaken us, who are below, and It expects a response or reaction from us. We, the lower level, must only open up the message we are receiving and find out what is in it.

It's like someone is knocking on our door, saying: "You've got a parcel!" That parcel is a thought about spirituality which suddenly comes to us. In response, we have to open the door, receive the parcel, and then open it up in order to find out who sent it and how we should respond to it.

However, instead, while we hear the knocking on the door, we're simply sitting there and waiting to see - what will happen next? But nothing is happening, because the entire message is contained in the knocking; it's inside our hearts. Thus, we are like a tenant who is reluctant to get up from his chair, and yells to the mailman: "Leave it next to the door, I will pick it up later!"

That is why the Upper Force leaves us alone and we lose the urge for spirituality until the next time we are awakened. But who knows when this urge will return again? That's why the moment we receive any reminder, we must immediately realize it to the end, until we open up all the messages and parcels and find the sender's address. Then we will be able to come to Him and knock on His door!

I sleep, but my heart waketh; it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, "Open to me, my sister, my love, my love, my undefiled...

I have put off my coat; how shall I put it on? I have washed my feet; how shall I defile them?

...my beloved had withdrawn himself, and was gone...

(From Song of Songs by King Solomon, 9th century BCE)



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