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The Daily Page - 16-11-10

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Ask A "Donkey Driver" To Help You


Everything depends on the support of the environment; without it, it is impossible to advance spiritually. When you acquire a spiritual environment, then all the great Kabbalists who attained the spiritual world during their lives in this world, all of their souls will become your group.

You will enter the "Upper Assembly" of Rabbi Shimon (the spiritual level called by that name). You can connect to higher sources, but only to the degree it is necessary! Now you simply do not need this power.

If you needed the group that includes Baal HaSulam, Rabash, the Ari, Rashbi, and other great Kabbalists of the past from Abraham until today, then you would receive it. However, right now you do not need it. As soon as you need it, you will reveal the spiritual group in addition to the material one. Perhaps you won't even need a material group because just the spiritual one will be sufficient.

If the souls start to help you directly, it is called "a donkey driver." The Creator sends a high soul called "a donkey driver" so it will always help a person. But this help comes in response to your plea that you need spiritual ascension.

It's similar to how Rabbi Abba and Rabbi Yossi, whom The Book of Zohar talks about, are on the path where they open the Torah and discover that they cannot reach correction on their own. They need the revelation of a special force that will help them to ascend.


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/16/10, "The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose"


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