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The Daily Page - 06-11-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

How To Connect?


Question By A Student: How do I ask to connect the point in me to all the other points that are here?

Answer By Dr. Michael Laitman: You do not need to ask them to pull their hearts out of their pockets. But through your sensitivity and through your approach toward them, you must feel that this point exists in them, that it is burning within them. And for that you do not need to speak to them. It is enough that you treat them gently and make efforts to identify their tendencies to rise upward.


Preparing Myself For the Upper World’s Revelation


In the article "Body and Soul," Baal HaSulam writes that our body cannot exist in our world without knowing the incidents and the rules of this world. For instance, in order to not jump in the water from the 10th floor I must know what "height" is, what "water" is etc.. To the degree that I know the environment, I can live in it comfortably, securely, and make better use of nature etc..

In the same article, Baal HaSulam continues and says that the same thing applies to spirituality. Man enters it only to the degree that he gained the necessary knowledge for his soul's existence in the spiritual world; otherwise he is similar to a baby who was left alone in our world and is incapable of sustaining himself.

The preparation period exists for this purpose. During this period man's advancement depends on the speed in which he will finish his preparation. Meaning his advancement depends only on him. It depends on his exertion and on the degree to which he is using the books, the environment, the teacher, and everything he is given.

We must understand that there is no delay from Above. From Above comes only giving  - opening up the next stage for the person, not more  than needed, so that the person will not fail, and not less than needed either, but precisely the portion that he can digest in order to proceed in prosperity, understanding, consciousness, and study. This is done so he does not fail, but precisely so that he can understand and digest the information in order to proceed in prosperity, understanding, consciousness, and study.  

Therefore, we should never forget that we must see in all the "obstacles" that come to us - when suddenly we feel bad, when it is dark, when suddenly we feel disappointment, difficulty, or when something is not understood - assistance from above and not become angry about them. On the contrary, we must behave like children - to rejoice in the game that is played with us, in that something is willingly concealed from us in order for us to search for it or broken in order for us to build it etc..

To the extent that we reveal the importance of the goal, understand that there is no choice, and that we must study, we can advance. That is because if we do not study, our soul will not be able to exist in the next world. There is a system that advances us toward revealing the next world only to the degree that we are capable of grasping those states.


What Is The Necessary Knowledge For The Soul?



As we mentioned, the soul must reveal the "evil inclination," meaning our desire that is opposite to the Creator. It is called "evil," not because I do not succeed in life, am not smart or fast enough, and so on, but something is called "evil" because it is reversed to the Creator.

In other words, I must slightly discover what is the "good," "bestowal," "love of others," "the Creator," and opposite to that discover who I am. How would I be able to promise myself that this revelation will not scare me away, but will advance me? It is only if I receive the importance of the goal from the group.

Otherwise a person sees that a little bit of evil is revealed in him, meaning he discovers that he is opposite to the goal. Instead of asking - which is precisely the state where you must ask the group for strength that they will help you, that they will pull you forward, upward - he escapes the difficulty. Of course it is hard. But you must understand that you are incapable of correcting yourself, you must only ask. People cannot manage to cope with the evil's revelation because they are not receptive to this information, they cannot digest it, grasp it, because they are not connected enough to the group.

Therefore we say that there are conditions. Firstly, a person must listen to the teacher's words and check them according to what he sees in the books. This is how one studies. Moreover, he must be connected to the group, like it is written in the books. He must identify what exactly is the group - is it the friends that are sitting, enjoying, and conducting meals together, or perhaps just a group of people studying with their books? He must scrutinize: How should I connect with them? What exactly is inside those people that I need to connect to? With the points in the heart: What points? Where are they? What are they? How do I identify them? How do I build the vessel in which I am about to feel the Creator, etc.? All of this is called "preparation."


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