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The Daily Page - 02-12-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Parts Of My Soul


We know that we cannot advance with the desire that was given to us in the first place, with the point in the heart, but only by increasing the desire.

And how do we increase the desire? Through the environment. "Envy, lust and honor bring a person from this world into the spiritual world." As opposed to animals, a person is impressed by the environment through envy, lust, and honor. Therefore our free choice is to increase our initial desire. We will not be given more than the point which we received. On the contrary - we will receive only suffering that will advance and push us from behind which is called "Beito" (the path of suffering).

One can develop in "Achishena" (the path of Light) only by buying desire, therefore it is said "buy yourself a friend." "Friend" means connection with the others' desire, which is attained through "Love your neighbor as yourself." What should I love in him? His desires for spirituality, for the Creator. I need to collect them together, to gather them. They are my desires, the components of my soul. The more I join them to me, I build the vessel of my soul; I prepare it for the revelation of the "Shechina" (Divinity), for the Creator's presence, for the adhesion between me and Him.

Our teachers spoke in a way that confuses us. When I hear the words "Love your neighbor as yourself" it seems to me like I need to love, to give to him, to take care of him. What, should all of a sudden I become a babysitter? A servant? A cleaning person? However when they spoke this way, they concealed the internality of the words. Precisely in my love toward others I acquire my desire in a way that is already set for use. I must only break my attitude toward the friend, to understand that what there is in him toward the Creator is my ready and corrected vessel. And I must only change my attitude toward this vessel.

Therefore we must look at the friends with eyes wide open, to see good things in them, to find what can be envied about them, instead of criticizing them, and thus increase our desire for spirituality. Other than my point in the heart, all the remaining desires in my soul until infinity, are acquired only out of connection with fellow-men's desires.


Life Depends On The Dissemination Of Kabbalah


To the degree that a person participates in disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah, to the degree that one creates something, he builds his spiritual vessel. And this is something that is missing in our explanation about it. To the degree that one "disseminates," he advances himself, he attributes himself to a collective Kli (vessel). Without this action he is only receiving passively. And to the extent that he himself bestows, he is receiving actively.

Let us assume that I belong to a world and what it creates is in front of me. But how much can I receive from the world? To the extent of the means that I have to repay it for this. These are two separate things and they are relevant to dissemination as well, to the spiritual approach to the world.

Therefore we must recruit all our friends for this. And again, it depends on the explanation. They must understand that they are not doing favors for anyone, but only for themselves. A person who does not insert himself into the system and pour something to others through it, is likened to a dead cell inside this system, because life depends on information that we transfer to one another, through what is called dissemination.    

 "His left is under my head and his right embraces me"

We must explain to the world why the "left" is revealed today. It must understand that when we arrive at Correction, first we come to an account of the soul by blows from Above, and this is called "His left is under my head", and only afterwards "His right embraces me." We need to understand first of all that the left of the Creator embraces us. And there is great profundity that indeed it is an embrace, but an embrace from the left, meaning in the revelation of evil and of all the things that hinder Love.

There is an inverse connection with the Creator, through his Posterior. And the Light must give to man both of these opposite sensations-suffering and embracing altogether.

Most of the people that come to me ask: "Why do I feel bad?" What did I do wrong in the past? Explain to me how to avoid it." Their questions are correct, but it shows that the man doesn't understand that if he feels bad and has any connection with the wisdom of Kabbalah, he is missing "the right understanding" in that all of this left comes in order to allow him a chance to complete it by the right.

A man has to try and reach the Creator by this left embrace, to understand that this is an embrace, which is an advancement that arrives in order to hold his head; therefore it is written "His left is under my head." From that we have to conclude that we have to build a practical relationship, I would say even a little rational to that "left," to receive it "above reason," above what my feelings say. And with all of that, to yearn to continue uniting with the Creator.


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