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The Daily Page - 26-10-10

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An Attack on Unity


Question: There are less than two weeks left until the Convention. How can we use this time most efficiently?

Answer: We have to use the days that remain to prepare: See and hear more, including music and songs, work with the article summaries that talk about the unity of souls ("Matan Torah," "Mutual Guarantee," "The Peace," "600,000 Souls," "One Law," and so on). Most importantly, we have to try to feel that we are going towards unity.

We are about to make an attack on unity, and if we attain a powerful inner and outer pressure in order to feel how we are coming together, we will thereby awaken the Inner Light inside ourselves. Then we won't remain with our external desire which is operated by the Surrounding Light, but will put forth all our efforts so the Surrounding Light will turn our vessels or desires from outer to inner, and then the Light will become revealed inside them as Inner Light!

The difference between these two Lights is vast because the Surrounding Light influences the external desires that aren't yet connected and which are outside of the screen connecting us. The screen is a force enabling us to be above our egoistic desire so I could give to my neighbor and connect to him ("bestow for the sake of bestowal" or "receive for the sake of bestowal").

If I acquire a screen over my will to enjoy, the desire to unite with everyone into one soul, then I transform from an outer vessel of the soul to an inner one. Instead of receiving an awakening from the Surrounding Light, I will feel the Inner Light inside of me! This is called the first spiritual level. This is the state I expect and plan to receive at the Convention.

Obviously, in the last days before the Convention there are many disturbances awaiting us: Suddenly you will lose the desire or the opportunity to attend, and then it will come back again; suddenly you will have no energy to get up for the lesson, will experience problems at home or at work, bad moods, and anything else. Yet we have to understand that this "burdening of the heart" is necessary! It is like crossing the Red Sea, like running away from Pharaoh, coming to Mount Sinai where we reveal hatred (Sina) and separation between us.

All of this is actually necessary for us. We have to bless these states and accept them with love and understanding! I hope that our friends all over the world will understand this and accept it precisely in this way. After all, it is precisely by virtue of correcting this separation and heaviness (Aviut) of the desire that we ascend.

If we don't have these obstacles then we won't have anything to correct! How, then, will we ascend, and what will we step over?


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/10, "600,000 Souls"


Equalize the Descents with Ascents


A person who is thrown into darkness loses all connection with the previous state of ascent. If the Creator then shows mercy on him and awakens him with Light, this does not mean that the person performed a correction. If, however, he awakens on his own with the help of the group, then he really does become corrected.

During an ascent a person prepared the right way: He put everything he possibly could into the group, using it as an "inspiration fund." The efforts he made enable him to keep the connection during a descent. Now, by grabbing onto the end of this string, a person can awaken and through the group attract Light, energy, understanding, and faith above knowledge. Thus, he will start coming out of the descent towards a new ascent.

By means of the group a person always has the opportunity to renew the unity. Unlike the unity of the forefathers who were unable to receive the Torah yet, our unity directly connects a person to the group. This is where one's free choice lies: to start working with the help of the group and equalize the descents with the ascents.

It turns out that at the end of the day, our entire freedom is realized in the group. A person actualizes unity only with the help of the group.


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/10, "600,000 Souls"


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