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The Daily Page - 21-05-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

Infinite Light Or Infinite Darkness?


By studying Kabbalah, we come into contact with the Light itself. By uniting with others who desire the same goal and studying together, we actively tune into Malchut of the World of Infinity where all people exist in their inner oneness, as one whole. As we desire to exist in this state actively, we draw the concealed Light to ourselves from this perfect state, thereby hastening our spiritual development. This is called becoming Isra-El, aspiring "directly to the Creator," one who "hastens time," who draws the Light to himself on his own through his studies and forces Him to be revealed. It also means one who "illuminates time," meaning one who wants the Light to direct him to bestowal. (Sanctity is the quality of bestowal.)

It turns out that studying in a Kabbalistic group gives us the "reins" or the "steering wheel" through which we can control ourselves-our forms of development and its speed-as we become independent of the Light. However, on the other hand, the Light is very powerful and has a program of development for each of us, as well as for all of us together. Therefore, when we try to hasten our development on our own, suddenly we begin to feel how dependent we are on this Light, on its awakening. Only with its help can we advance.

The Light raises and lowers me, which rouses within me the desire to develop in order to make myself "similar to the Creator," a human being, by rising above this animate level and this whole material life. I wait for the Light to begin to influence me. I prepare myself to surrender to it completely, to attune as much as possible to the studies, the group, dissemination, and to solve all the questions that have accumulated during the darkness and the concealment.

I am like that "rooster" from the parable about the rooster, and the bat that waits for the dawn. I am waiting for the Light to come and illuminate the path for me, and I rejoice when the Light comes. However, the "bat," who does not prepare himself for the coming of the Light, perceives the awakening from Above as darkness.

Although we exist in one common system, only those who await the coming of the Light perceive it as something desirable; for them it is truly Light. On the contrary, those who do not wish to draw closer to the Light, to bestowal, and to love one's neighbor, will feel continuously greater crises and problems in this world.

We all exist in the World of Infinity, but everything depends on our preparation. We can either feel infinite Light or infinite darkness there, or we can feel nothing at all as though we are unconscious and merely carrying out an animate existence. Everything depends on our desire to become human, meaning "similar" to the Creator in His love and bestowal.


-from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/10, Shamati #241


The Gene Of Bestowal


The more we strive toward the Light, the better our future will be since we rouse the revelation of the Light ourselves. The Light illuminates this world more and more, and those who head toward it perceive this state as good, while others perceive it as bad. First the Light develops the whole world (our Universe, the terrestrial globe, and everything it contains) according to the inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees, cultivating only the egoistic desire. This is material development, at the maximum of which is the animate level; in this manner, the Light develops matter.

However, when egoism grows to the animate level, there is nowhere else for it to grow. It feels its complete powerlessness; it feels that it has reached a dead end and there is only darkness ahead. This is how the world comes to crisis and despair. However, all this occurs under the influence of the Light which shows us that there is nothing else with which we can fill the will to receive. Actually, we never could fill it; we only hoped for the future and aspired to it constantly.

However, once the future stops shining before us and we have completely depleted our desire on the animate degree, we do not feel any possibility of development ahead. Why? What for? At this point, humanity finds itself at a dead end without any goals or hope for the future.

This is why the science of Kabbalah is being revealed today. It explains to us why all this is being done. It is because now we can become partners with the Light on our own and reach the degree of Human, which is similar to the Creator. Rising from the animate level to the human level is our next stage of development.

This is impossible without the realization of the Upper plan. Malchut of the World of Infinity is finally reaching the conclusion of the purpose of creation as conceived by the Creator, who wanted creation to come to know Him, meaning to become independent yet similar to Him. And creation is currently beginning to realize this Upper plan.

We are the first generation in which this special informational gene (Reshimo) is being revealed. It pertains to the human degree and we must realize it. Therefore, the Light which is now acting in this world will always be to the detriment of the egoistic desire, expressly for the purpose of helping us to ascend.

At the same time, the Light will help those people who wish to realize this "gene of bestowal" in them. The Creator has come closer to us. He has revealed to us: The Book of Zohar, the science of Kabbalah, the world crises, the whole situation, and all the means that allow us to discern this new direction of development and to execute it. We only need to reach for the Light on our own, and we will see His Goodness.


-from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/10, Shamati #241


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