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The Daily Page - 27-11-09

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

A Prayer From The Depth Of The Heart


Our heart consists of desires that belong to the levels:  inanimate, vegetative, animate and speaking. And inside that heart there is a new point that suddenly awakens right now and demands what it wants. I must identify the innermost point in my heart, and pray from within it. What does it mean "to pray"? To want to implement what my heart truly desires.

Therefore it is said that prayer comes from the depth of the heart, from the most important desire. That is because every one of us has thousands of desires, and our problem lies in that we divide all our exertion and plea between numerous things. Therefore we do not attain the main thing in our lives. I want this and this too, and a little bit more of that, and life supposedly flows calmly, but we do not attain the main thing in it.

We must concentrate all the desires so that they will serve our greatest desire, and then that desire will be great and sharp enough in order to receive a response. If I want to realize that desire through all the desires that I used to be scattered among, if I focus on it only, and associate all the pleasures that I will be able to attain and enjoy are only from it; if I concentrate all of my internality into that single desire, it is called "praying from the depth of the heart."

What does it mean "to pray"? To want it to happen. "Prayer" is the inner desire that is inside a person, inside his heart. One does not need to direct his desire toward some God that exists somewhere in area code 03 or 04. There is no such thing. Our inner desire already exists inside the Creator. And you always receive what you want.

This matter is similar to things that Baal HaSulam said about kibbutz members who settled in the Negev back in the day. When the kibbutz members expressed their desire to settle there, his son, the Rabash, asked him how they would live there, as there is no water there? Baal HaSulam replied that they would pray and it would rain. But how will they pray? They are secular! "This is not a problem," replied Baal HaSulam. "The inner desire in a person's heart-this is the prayer." It does not matter if you are secular or religious-this is not what is considered Above, but rather one's heart, his inner desire. The most real desire inside of me is what is called "truth." Even if I want to rob a bank, truly want it, this is my prayer. The only question is if I will receive help with that....

Question by a Student: Why does Baal HaSulam write that one must scream to the skies?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: To scream means to concentrate all your desires to this. As you know, one cannot scream in stability, calmly. This is not prayer. And because we are not reaching it, we do not succeed.


Bestowing To The Creator


The Goal of Creation is to bring the creature to the complete pleasure. And the complete pleasure can be felt only from bestowal, from attaining the level of the Creator. The Creator is the best, and the best state is His state, His status. And I must reach that according to His plan.

I can reach that only on the condition that I will transform my entire will to receive into a means of bestowal. From the outset I received the will to receive as the main thing that I must fulfill. And the whole correction lies in inverting my will to receive into a means of bestowal, to fulfill someone outside of me. And the truth is: Who is outside of me? The Creator. The fact that I see around me all kinds of other people, is only deception. They do not exist. It is all me. Later on I will discover them as my vessel, as my soul.

All the rest of the desires that the Creator created are all me, it only seems to me that those desires are strange to me, in order for me to practice on them and want to connect with them, to connect them to me. To the degree that I work against my ego in order to connect with them, I will attain the force of bestowal, and then, to the degree that I connect with them, I will be able to bestow to the Creator.


Being Conceived In The Group’s Womb


"To connect with the points in the heart" means to discover inside my friends their desires, their tendencies, their passions for spirituality, and treat them like the greatest of the generation. In other words, they as well as their desires and passions, are above me.

I do not subjugate myself before their corporeal character and everything that belongs to this world, but before their internality, before their approach to spirituality. Thus I truly become an embryo inside the womb, which is called the "group." It can be said that I join them together in my imagination so that they will influence me, picture to myself that they are connected by a force that is higher than us, which is the Creator, the force of Bina (Intelligence), the force of bestowal.

And this force, which connects them together, which fills the void between them, including the group itself, becomes my Elyon (Upper One). And I want to integrate in It, to connect to that Elyon so that I will feel like a drop of semen which is stuck to the side of the womb and develops this way.


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