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The Daily Page - 15-04-10

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The Science Of Kabbalah Gives Us Protection From Blind Fate


Today humanity does not know how to continue developing further and how to solve the problems that arise. More and more, these problems are felt in a confusing manner, as blows coming from blind fate. In the 21st century the media is brimming with predictions of the future, fortune-telling, and horoscopes. The fact is that we live in a world we do now know, but today we are attracted to predictions that aren't based on blind faith, like the generations of the past, but that come from realizing one's weakness in the face of nature.

Faith in higher forces that govern the world was passed from faith to science, which sought to gain mastery over nature. But at the summit of scientific development, people came to understand that they don't have any power over nature and their fate. Thus, they are starting to search for the Source on which they depend.

In the article, "Exile and Redemption," the section "Congruity and Unity between Torah [the science of Kabbalah] and Blind Faith, and the Development of Human Calculation," Baal HaSulam explains that humanity will inevitably grow disillusioned in trying to solve its problems. People will then accept Kabbalah as knowledge, sent from Above, about how to correct oneself and the world.


A Dead End Or A Door Into A New World?


Throughout all of history we, humanity, developed on the still, vegetative, and animate levels. This is the most that humanity has achieved until today. It developed its egoistic desire, which perceives the world through five material senses.

There was nothing unnatural about this development. We simply carried out the program that nature instilled in us, following our natural instincts and desires that awakened in us. But what next?

Now we are finding that all of that development was only to our own detriment. Yet, on the other hand, we are discovering a new, inner, spiritual desire that we did not notice before. We don't know where it is aimed, but it demands fulfillment. Otherwise we are left feeling empty and feeble, not knowing what to do with our lives from this point on.

That is when the science of Kabbalah comes to the rescue, explaining that this additional desire that we feel "above" all the other material attainments, belongs to the human level, whereas previously we were only fulfilling our animalistic necessities. Obviously, we weren't just regular animals, but very developed ones-animals that like good music, pretty pictures, delicious food, and a soft bed. Yet, today we are sensing an additional necessity that is beyond the body.

Besides, the entire world around us is becoming more and more threatening. We thought that scientific and technological development, along with self-actualization, would enable us to attain a good life from the viewpoint of the consumer. But even though our bodies do have certain benefits in the modern world, such as several pounds of meat in the refrigerator and some smart electrical devices, nevertheless on the human level, even in the simplest sense of it, we are experiencing greater emptiness and suffering than before.

It's as if the carnival costumes have fallen down and we find ourselves more unprotected and naked than ever, facing life without knowing what to do with it. Humanity feels lost. All attempts to attain perfection, power, and prosperity (at least in the material sense) have only led us to greater problems.

What we need is a new, higher-level understanding of ourselves and our lives. Otherwise we won't be able to advance. This is why the science of Kabbalah is coming and offering us a solution.


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