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The Daily Page - 17-05-11

The Daily Page is a collection of excerpts taken from the daily Kabbalah lesson with Dr. Michael Laitman and Bnei Baruch

The World Does Not See a Solution


Question: Even if my intention is egoistic, if I start thinking about the benefit of others and the well-being of the world, can this already be considered an action?

Dr. Laitman's Answer: Of course. Do you really think that giving out bread to the poor is a real action? This will only cause more poor people to exist in the world.

Your action is to attract Light. It, and nothing else, returns you to the Source. So what else is there to think about, especially at a time when the whole world is in trouble and in danger? We only need the Light. The lack of Light is the reason for all the wars, crises, catastrophes, and other problems.

Precisely the lack of good actions by the Light evokes troubles at the four phases of development-still, vegetative, animate, and human. The evil we encounter is a projection of the lack of Light.

Punishment does not come from Above. If I have to reach a specific reward-the revelation of the Creator, similarity, and adhesion with Him-and I don't do that, then I experience the gap that this creates either as punishment or lack of goodness. And vice versa, by attaining this, I will feel a reward.

Thus, I feel reward and punishment in the same desires. If I have corrected and filled my desire, this is the reward, but if I cannot correct and fulfill it, this is punishment. There are no penalties from Above. I do not receive a speck beyond what I inflict upon myself. I create my own punishment.

Therefore, we have just one task-to attract the Light, especially today, considering everything that is happening and accumulating in the world. There are no other means.

I am constantly in touch with people who are "in the know," and I read all kinds of articles, visit websites, and follow the newspapers, but I don't see a solution offered anywhere. They cannot offer anything and they don't even want to think about this because they don't have the slightest connection with correction.

Just yesterday I was talking about this with a famous writer and he did not say anything; he avoided answering. This indicates a lack of sensitivity, a lack of understanding of the corrections.

"The world is round and we have to untie," I say to people. "That's right, we're also acting in that direction," they respond. People don't even realize that in reality they are going in the opposite direction. After all, in the end every person is just strengthening his own party or movement. There is no one to talk to.

Therefore, we have to create conditions in our midst for a positive force to emerge. Only then will its waves ripple through the whole world. Nothing else will help. We do not depend on others, but we have to help them so that later on people will quickly catch these waves, understand their message, and feel that they are coming from us.

The materials have to be disseminated ahead of time, but in essence the source of these waves is us. And therefore, the most important thing is to unite, to merge with one another more and more.

I place great hopes on the upcoming conventions. They are the means by which we have to bring to life unity, consolidation, and mutual care for the world and for our correction, which will help the world.

The time has come for the Creator to become revealed in the creatures. The means is simple and it is in our hands; all we have to do is use it. We ask the world to wake up, but are we awakening ourselves?

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/17/11, "Peace in the World"


Exclusive and Unique


Each of us feels that he is special and unique, as if he were the only one existing in the world and the whole world is intended for him. As generations develop, every person stands out more and more, egoism grows and requires a person to become more self-sufficient and to feel that he is the center of the world. Envy, fear, and conceit force us to act in a way so others will think we are higher than they. We are only willing to give this up if we have no choice or are too lazy because in order to achieve anything we have to lead an endless battle. However, the desire and urge to affirm oneself above everything still burns in a person.

We see that only the sensation of one's own exclusivity invites people to "climb on top one another," to "step on each other," building up the human pyramid from the rulers on top to the smallest ones down below. Everything depends on how much a person stands out with his exclusivity, as well as the conditions and qualities he was born with and which he received from the environment in the process of his development.

One way or another, eventually people attain something in human society only by using the quality of their own exclusivity. This quality comes from the Creator. He is One and therefore every one of us, who has separated from the common desire that was created by the Creator, also feels singular.

We are like a holographic picture where each part contains the whole. We used to be one soul, similar to the Creator, but then it broke into parts and now each of its pieces contains the single form of the common soul but in the opposite form due to the breaking. There is an integral form of the initial soul concealed inside of me and therefore, pressured by the force of the breaking, I feel whole and demand the whole world and the Creator to be at my disposal. Who or what can have any importance besides me?

As a result, our self-expression in this world is built only on the quality of exclusivity which operates in every person. Where do I aim all of my desires, thoughts, and abilities? At becoming even more unique and exclusive. Every person advances down this path according to his own forces, qualities, and speed, and also to the extent that the environment spurs him on.

The most important thing is: For whose benefit do I use my "I," all of my qualities, and in general, my exclusivity? If I am unique in the world, then whom am I acting for? Eventually a person makes the decision that correctly using himself means serving the world just like the Creator. That is when he becomes human, similar to the Creator, and the world turns into a meeting place of the Creator and creation. There they unite and merge with one another, serving all the souls.

From this we see that the quality of exclusivity can play a dual role: at first a person strives to conquer the whole world like Napoleon and to use it as he sees fit, in opposition to the Creator, but in the end he reveals the need to change and acquire similarity to the Creator. Exclusivity can be used either for one's self or for the sake of the neighbor. This is what determines a person's place on the spiritual ladder.


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 05/17/11, "Peace in the World"


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